What would it take for your soul to sing?

how do you want to feel
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Radical thought, I know – I mean I’m guessing no one has ever asked you that before!

When I have a day where I haven’t experienced any magic, found any joy or felt much love it’s what I ask myself.

What would your day look like if you only made choices that were in line with what your soul desired and how different would your life be if your motivation was to create experiences that fitted in with these desires?

We are driven by deadlines, pressured by the media and spend most of ours days trying to prove our worth whilst comparing ourselves to the person next to us.

But what if you already believed you were enough?

What if, instead of running around like a headless chicken, you completed one job at a time allowing yourself to celebrate the achievements of a job well done? What if, rather than rushing onto the next purchase you spent time enjoying what you already owned? What if, next time you’re feeling bored by the day to day, you delighted in the detail and noticed opportunities for gratitude and learning?

I began to think about this and narrowed down how I would like to feel each day – contented, happy, excited, fulfilled, connected, grounded. Next I wondered what I would need to do to manifest these feelings without doing anything too radical. This wasn’t a fantasy imagine your perfect day exercise. This was a series of small actions that I could incorporate into my day easily. This was what I came up with:

~ laughing out loud ~ smiles ~ good coffee ~ gratitude ~ learn something new ~ music ~ a hug ~ creativity ~ engaging conversations ~ a quiet space ~ to feel inspired ~ glitter ~ self love ~ enough sleep ~ a hug ~ seeing something beautiful ~ family & friends ~ fresh air ~ exercise ~ books ~ remembering I am enough ~ self love ~ a project to work on ~ gift giving ~ time alone ~ something to look forward to ~ 

“Not an impossible list”, I thought after I’d finished. None of the items on my list were expensive or particularly time consuming. I’d surprised myself by realising I probably did most of these things sporadically – I just needed to do them more regularly.

What would your soul tell you if you listened to it? How would you like to feel each day? What experiences would generate these feelings?

I ask myself every morning how I want to feel. Then I make sure I do at least one thing from my list.

This is me listening to my soul. 


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