Writing on your blog…is that even allowed?


Poets don’t draw. They unravel their handwriting and then tie it up again, but differently.

Jean Cocteau

Thankyou to Adelina from The Living Me for inviting me to take part in this challenge!

I do a challenge each month and although I’d already planned my playlist one, this one caught my eye because how often do you get chance to show your writing on your blog? So, two challenges in one month?

My blog. My rules.

Speaking of rules…here are the rules:

💛 Write your name
💛 Write your blog name
💛 Write your favourite word and its definition
💛 Write something nice
💛 Write the name of your favourite song right now
💛 What you’re writing with?
💛 Write a fun fact about yourself
💛 Write/ draw your favourite emoticon
💛 Write a silly message
💛 Write who you’re inviting



Your name: Nicky

Your blog name: the shimmer within her

Favourite word: Beautiful – possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about etc

Something nice: I believe we are all amazing!

My favourite song right now: It’s amazing! By Jem

Writing with: a boring pen!

Fun fact: I love reading teenage fiction!

Favourite emoticon: 🙂

A silly message: May some day you find the peanut to your butter!

 I invite:

Sparkle with UC

Bedlam and Daisies

Pretty Charms

I hope you enjoyed something a little different.

I did. It was fun.

Any time you get asked personal questions, you have the opportunity to learn a little more about yourself. I started this blog with a dream of helping others find out who they are and who they’re destined to be. With a little soul searching and reflection I believe everyone can become more confident in the beautiful person they truly are.

So have fun with this!

What have you done lately that you’ve not done before or done simply for the fun of it?

Let me know below 💛

Nicky xo

It’s The Little Things 28/08/16

It’s the things that make me smile a secret smile, make my heart happy and generally make my day delightful.

Here’s a few things from my fabulous week…

These flowers that I treated myself to
These cute little charity shop finds
And this equally cute little outfit I wore to The Beech House
My new weapons of choice at the gym
My FREE post-gym reward
When your coffee comes in pretty tins!

What little things have delighted you this week?

They don’t have to be monumental or extravagant. They just have to have improved your day in some beautiful way.

Let me know below.

Have a fabulous week to come,

Nicky 💋

Monthly Challenge Playlist poetry: #3 The Funky Edition


This is where I come when I need my spirits lifted, desire a dance party for one or am generally feeling nostalgic.

This playlist is a feel good one, I saved the best ’til last.

If you don’t like what you see here

Now I will tell you what I’ve done for you

Do you have the time?

Can’t stop, addicted to the shindig

It starts with

Come here, baby

It’s just one of those days

Cut my life into pieces

I hate the rain and sunny weather

Until the break of Dawn


Get the funk out – Extreme

Going Under – Evanescence

Basket Case – Green Day

Can’t Stop – Red Hot Chili Peppers

In the End – Linkin Park

Crazy – Aerosmith

Break Stuff – Limp Bizkit

Last Resort – Papa Roach

Everything About You – Ugly Kid Joe

Original Prankster – The Offspring
I’ve had a blast with this challenge and I’ve enjoyed sharing my eclectic taste in music with you all!

Thanks again to Kristian, who was the inspiration for this post. Read this post and this one if you’re interested in my other playlist poems.

Have you ever created poetry using a random method? Have you ever used music as your inspiration for writing?

As ever, I’d be really interested to hear your thoughts. Let me know below 💋


Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: The Finale


Being your own kind of beautiful takes effort, practise and commitment.

You may have to follow a path that others won’t take, make decisions that others won’t make and dance to the beat of a drum that no one else can hear.

But when you do – you will live an authentic life full of things that make your soul sing.

And that my friends is what it’s all about.

This list is not exhaustable. I chose a starting point using the nine letters from the word beautiful.

Add to them.

Have your own set of values that you live by, that you are known for, that are true for you.

And remember…

⭐️ Your brave doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.

⭐️ You will achieve far more when you’re enthusiastic.

⭐️ True strength comes in the form of accepting where you are.

⭐️ Be unique! It’s what the world needs.

⭐️ Be truthful at all times and you will live a happier, more fulfilled life.

⭐️ Having integrity is knowing how important you are.

⭐️ People like friendly people.

⭐️ Be understanding – one day you may be grateful for someone who is.

⭐️ Love yourself unconditionally – you spend more time with yourself than anyone else.

I believe you have the power to be your own kind of beautiful – not what the media portrays, or society tells you you need to be.

But your beautiful, your way.

Did you like this series of posts? Would you like more like this? Let me know below, so that I can continue to create great content that you want to read.

Thank you 💋

The Beech House Arrives in Style


And it’s an arrival that has caused some excitement in the area.

On entering The Beech House it’s hard to believe this modern meeting place in the heart of Solihull only opened its doors a couple of weeks ago.

It was mid afternoon when we visited and there was already a hum of activity from inside where many were enjoying food and drink. There were even a few brave souls on the front terrace – enjoying our British Summer…ahem!

Our table was booked for early evening but we decided to make an afternoon of it; giving us chance to sample the cocktail menu…don’t judge me!

I started light, with a glass of Prosecco and hubby had an espresso martini after challenging them via Twitter to impress him with his all time favourite.


They were certainly up for the challenge, and it was good. I then moved onto this pink little number – if you follow me on Instagram you know I cannot resist a Cosmo! Which was lovely, and more than a little boozy!


The bar area was pretty full of people checking out what The Beech House has to offer. They have an extensive nibbles, light bites and sandwiches selection to eat in the bar and having eaten lunch here earlier in the week I can confirm that they certainly are tasty. I  highly recommend the smashed sweet potato.

The restaurant has a related atmosphere and pleasant lighting – you will see that some of my photographs certainly have a ‘soft glow’ to them.


The menu has everything you would expect; including pasta dishes, burgers and home comforts. But it also offers Antipasto Misto and Greek Mezze sharing platters, thirteen different types of Forno Vivo Wood Fired Pizza


…and a selection of dishes cooked on an Oakman Inns speciality – the Josper oven. It’s a charcoal fired grill which allows food to be smoked, slow cooked and roasted resulting in deliciously tasty and tender meats and vegetables.

Speaking of food…I ordered the chicken liver parfait from the specials menu to start. Which was divine – chunky, fresh and so tasty. It came with a red onion chutney and toasted brioche.



Hubby had the saltimbocca scotch egg with prosciutto, Lincolnshire sausagemeat and hollandaise.


The egg was so soft inside when he cut into it – just perfect.

For our mains, we both ordered from the specials menu. I had the smoked salmon, cod and spring onion risotto.


This was deliciously tasty, with just the right amount of spring onions and without being too fishy.


I have to admit, it was so filling I did not finish it all.

Hubby had the fish pie, which is something he would not usually choose. But boy were we glad he did – this baby was a.ma.zing!


I don’t know whether it was the cheddar mash potato lid, the creamy sauce or the fish itself but there was a little something something in there that my tastebuds went crazy for! Hubby described it as “fantasmagorical” – mind you by this point he had consumed a cocktail, a pint of Guinness and was now on the rosé!

I asked three different members of staff but they did not reveal what secrets the pie held – I’m sure the chef would have told me had I asked, but then he’d probably have to kill me…

After a much needed breather we moved onto desserts. I had the blueberry cantucci biscuit meringue mess which was a mix of vanilla, lemon, meringue, mascarpone, smashed Italian biscuits, blueberries, toasted hazelnuts and lemon jelly.


It was an impressive medley of textures and flavours rather than a mush that eton mess type desserts sometimes are.

Hubby had the yoghurt and vanilla cheesecake with raspberry sorbet. Which was a pretty substantial slice when delivered and I’m afraid to say I had to help him finish it.


The desserts menu is a lovely one – a final mix of both traditional and seasonal puddings. They are clearly all worthy of a taste as I asked five members of staff what their favourites were and they all gave different answers!

We finished our meal with two of the nicest coffees – and they were hot. Not lukewarm like some, but hot.


Our meal at The Beech House was absolutely lovely and this was enhanced by the atmosphere and the staff. They were professional, thoughtful and attentive without being over fussy. They brought extra cutlery (in case I needed a spoon for my risotto) and offered to take our photograph.


Judging by how busy it was when we left, I believe The Beech House has made its arrival known. And as they say, if you’re going to arrive…arrive in style!


The Beech House

727 Warwick Road


B91 3DA

On this occasion we dined as guests of The Beech House. However we had previously eaten lunch there ourselves and as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own and all photographs were taken by us unless otherwise stated.