It’s complicated…


We all dread the ‘C’ word!

Is your life calm and quiet; with everything working in harmony? Do you have the time to talk to others, get all your jobs done and still have time to do something nice for yourself?

Right now you’re probably wondering if this is a fairy tale?

Most of us, at one time or another have taken our eyes off the ball, lost focus on our priorities or simply let our lives run us, instead of taking control.

We unintentionally allow our lives to become full of stuff we feel we have to do rather than stuff we choose to do.

You know how it is; busy at work, demands from home, a never ending to-do list, going from one job to the next, multitasking, people to see, bills to pay.

You know the feeling of the circus act who’s keeping all the plates spinning?

With little time to devote to yourself to recharge and the demands piling up, eventually it becomes difficult to keep all the plates spinning at one time and they will inevitably come crashing down.

And life becomes full of ‘C’ words: Crazy. CHAOTIC. C O M P L I C A T E D!

Your mind, body and soul can only take so much.

Something has to change.

It is so important to take time for yourself but how many of us place self care way down on the to-do list?

Let’s start by simplifying a few areas of your life.

Your health.

Ensuring you are getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, eating foods that nourish your body and regular exercise is the starting point to being in optimum health. It doesn’t have to be complicated – a short walk every evening, a chicken salad every lunchtime prepared the evening before, a beautiful new water bottle to remind you to drink plenty.

Good habits and regular routines make our lives easier because we won’t waste valuable headspace making decisions.Β This will enable you to cope better when things inevitably get crazy!

Learn how to say no.

Obviously I’m talking about where you can…but think about it, do you really have to do everything, every day, all of the time?

Allow yourself regular breaks from the daily grind. Do you want to sit in the staff room with all the gossips at lunch time or would you benefit from a walk and time away from your desk? Do you need to hang out with that group of friends who bring you down or talk about work all night? Or would your time be better spent doing something creative or simply not thinking about work outside of work hours?


Your home. Your wardrobe. Your work space. Your mind.

Having less stuff makes it easier to keep tidy, encourages gratitude and helps you focus on what’s important in your life. Try creating a capsule wardrobe this Autumn or how about challenging yourself to give one item away every time you buy a new item? Clear your desk every evening, writing a to-do list before you leave so you know you are ready for tomorrow and you can leave work, at work.Β Allow yourself time to sit quietly and assess what’s going on in your mind. It may help you become an expert on you and what you need in your life.

Creating space – actual and metaphorical can help you think clearer, make better decisions and feel calmer.

Can you create pockets of time just for you?

Whether it’s time to read, go for a walk, bake, do something creative or simply a long hot bath listening to your favourite tunes.

Do something just for you.

This way of thinking tells your body and others around you that you are important. That you value time alone to recharge your energy and spend time doing things you love.

Do one thing every day that makes your soul sing.

You have to keep an eye on your life, or it will become complicated, busy and cluttered. There will always be one more thing to do.

Plan time out just for yourself – it’s the only way it will happen.

Work hard at simplifying your life.

Think of one thing you can do today to make your life a tiny bit less complicated.

It’s the Little things 23.10.16

It’s the little things in my week that remind me to be grateful for what I have, even when I am wishing for more.

This cute gift from Kristian
This sunrise made an early start a little easier
These flowers from a friend
Jazz and a coffee with my boys πŸ’›

Have you ever noticed how even the darkest of days can be warmed by a beautiful sight, kind gesture or happy thought?

What little things creep into your day and bring a little smile whilst warming your heart and simply encourage you to pause and notice the moment?

Let me know below πŸ’‹


The Worst Parts of My Personality


That’s Marilyn Monroe telling it like it is.

Truthfully. Unedited. Authentic.

She was being honest about her faults, her flaws and her failings.

She was confessing to the world who she really was.

Whether you liked it or not.

What if we took this quote as a model for what we want to say to the world?

What if we showed our weaknesses, celebrated our quirks, embraced the sides of us that are less than perfect and shared the worst parts of our personalities?

And what if we were okay with it?

I wonder what your quote would look like?

Mine goes something like this:

I’m impatient, irritable and a little bit of a perfectionist. I make extra work for myself, I am always chasing the excitement and at times forget to just breathe. But if you can’t accept me as I am, then that says more about you than it does me.

It feels quite cathartic to spew my insecurities on the page and share some of the worst bits about myself with you.

I’m okay with you knowing this about me.

I know I’m not perfect.

I know I’m not alone.

I know this is who I am.

Give it a go! Fill in the blanks to create your very own manifesto of misbehaviours:

I’m……, …… and a little…… I make……, I am……. and at times…… But if you can’t…….. then……..

Own the very worst parts of your personality. They are as important as your finest traits.

They are all you.

I want, I want, I want!


Have you ever heard those frustrated cries of a toddler desperate for some gift that their parents are refusing to buy?

Well I did recently and it got me thinking…of all the things that I want!

New shoes, a new winter coat, to paint my bedroom, that necklace I saw yesterday, some plants for the garden, the dog needs a haircut, a holiday would be nice, Christmas is coming…

The list could go on!

Afterwards, I felt so embarrassed at just how costly my wants were, of how superficial they are and how quickly I could just keep adding to them. I doubt the list would ever cease; I could keep adding to it forever.

So I decided I’d write a list of wants that cost nothing.

To see what it is that I value most – the things I want for myself and others to improve my life. I was reminded of the quote by Anthony J D’Angelo,

The most important things in life aren’t things.

I want to:

~ always smile when I see a rainbow ~ feel loved every day ~ spend time making others smile ~ see my children grow into happy, confident adults ~ find time to do the things I love ~ have time alone with hubby ~ laugh lots ~ be fun to be around ~ feel grateful for what I have ~ take pleasure in the little things ~ have integrity ~ be me.

Now that’s a list I am proud of!

And it was a lesson in gratitude.

⭐️ It shares what’s important to me and what makes me soul sing.

⭐️ It shows that I value myself and take the time to do the things I love.

⭐️ It says that money cannot buy happiness.

What is it you want most?

Write a list of wants that doesn’t include possessions and cannot be bought with money and see what your heart truly wants.


It’s The Little Things 16.10.16 *The Manchester Edition

This weekend I headed to Salford Quays with the family (minus one) for a couple of days. As always when we get together, there was plenty of laughter and smiles.

Our amazing weekend started here
Continuing the weekend the right way
Selfies with the boy
Autumn is well and truly here
Hotels call for drinks that don’t need a glass…
Love these beautiful people πŸ’›

It’s the little things that make our lives happier, healthier and abundantly more fun!! Start noticing them, celebrate them and repeat them.

Tell me, what’s made you smile this week?