The Liebster Award

How exciting to be nominated for an award – I’m just so happy people are reading my ramblings and enjoying them.

I was nominated (err…last month, I do apologise for the delay) by the lovely MimiTa from Musings of a Blueberry. She describes herself as the quirky girl next door who’s into good vibes, all things cultural, kittens and pretty much anything on the planet! You should check out her blog for a quick fix of poetry, quotes, life hacks and…well, musings.

Thankyou MimiTa 🙂

There’s a bunch of things you’re supposed to do once nominated…

Thank the blogger who nominated you – why would you not?

Display the award somewhere on your blog, or at the very least your post – I used this link

Answer a set of 11 questions provided by the blogger who nominated you – scary!

Post 11 random facts about yourself – even scarier!

Nominate 11 blogs of your choosing with less than 1000 followers – exciting!

Create your own set of questions for your nominees to answer – or use mine

So, let’s get this party started…

How did you get into blogging?

I felt I had a story to share. I was familiar with ‘rock bottom’ and had been through the experience of recreating a stronger, more authentic version of myself. I wanted to encourage others and writing about it on a blog seemed the easiest way to do it.

What are your thoughts on writing, creating art, and being a blogger?

As a therapeutic practitioner I spend most of my days being creative and as a blogger, spend most of my evenings writing. It’s hard juggling both – but it makes my soul sing and that feels right.

What do you think about blogger stats?

I probably pay more attention to them than I should – but I am interested to see if people enjoy my writing and I love connecting with the people who comment.

What are your thoughts on art, poetry, and music?

Similar answer to previously – I create art and poetry on a regular basis and love being inspired by it. But music, I could not live without. I’m a bit of a mixed bag – heavy metal, jazz, 80’s hair metal, 90’s house/hip hop, movie soundtracks – depends what mood I’m in.

What do you hope to achieve (though this blog and/or in your life)?

I write to inspire people to go and do stuff that makes them feel happy and confident in themselves – so I guess I’d like to find more ways to do this. I would also love to find a tribe of like-minded gals who inspire each other to create what makes their soul sing. I’d like to wake up and be excited about what my day could look like if I had both of these things

What is your “happy spot” in life?

My kids. If they’re happy, I’m happy. Failing that – a nice cocktail bar!

How would you describe yourself using a poem? Or, if you prefer, list 5 words that you would use to describe yourself and say why. AND did I forget to mention…if you pick the second option, these 5 words must all start with different letters of the alphabet!

Caring – I’m genuinely interested in how you are

Reflective – I love looking back and wondering about stuff I’ve done

Observant – I notice stuff

Grateful – I’m very thankful for my life

Feminine – I like flowers, pretty things and dressing like a sexy lady

What is your prime time to work, and what do you think about having a “prime” working time?

I produce my best work when I’m inspired. I find it hard to create on demand and dislike routines immensely. I believe everyone is different when it comes to work ethics – you have to find out what environment, noise level, time of day etc works for you.

How do you balance everything—life, blogging, your social life, etc?

Like a novice juggler, wearing heels, blindfolded, balancing on a tightrope in a hurricane – ie. I do the best I can, when I can, with what I’ve got!

What are you passionate about? Any issues? Pet peeves? Current events? Hobbies? Artists? Irksome people?

Smiles! I am passionate about making people smile. My aim in life is to help people, especially young people, find what makes them happy and encourage them to do more of it! If I can help you feel just a tiny bit better about yourself I. Am. Happy.

What are 3 positive things about yourself? (Everyone needs a bit of self-encouragement, ya know?)

I’m a good listener, I’m hard working and I give lots of compliments.

Random things you need to know about me…

I have tiny feet (Uk Size 3)

I have tattoos

My first ever crush was Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) in Back to the Future

I think motorbikes are sexy

I am a sushi whore

I have a thing for handbags – read about it here

I’ve been with Hubby since I was 15 years old (nearly 30 years!)

I recently became a bit of a gym bunny

I love reading teenage fiction

I wear red lipstick nearly every day

I always sleep naked

Blogs worthy of a nomination…

I’ve not been around that long, so haven’t got 11 blogs to recommend – however these beauties caught my eye so I thought I’d share them.

Alice at Help Down The Rabbit Hole – writes about life, her experiences and offers from the heart insights and advice. Her website is so cute (not to mention the name), clean and uncluttered. Check her out.

My lovely three is a brand new, outta the box blog – ‘mom’ shares every day musings and gratitude for her three cheerleaders. There is something so lovely about the way she writes about finding the beauty in the everyday stuff.

The Princess and the Blog is where Noelle shares all her knowledge about blogs and encourages you to go after your dreams – all sprinkled with a little Disney. Not going to lie this blog is so amazing I’m surprised she hasn’t already been nominated for this award (apologies if you have!)

Things I need to know about you…

What inspired you to start a blog?

Do you have a routine when constructing blog posts? ie draft, edit, add photos etc – or are you more of a ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ kinda gal?

What’s the one thing that you have to do every single day, without fail?

What’s the kindest thing you have ever done for someone or that someone has done for you?

What things do you do when you’re feeling uninspired, struggling for ideas or overcoming writers block?

Name one thing that you are known for – answers must be nice things only!

What’s the most important quality you believe a friend should have?

Name 3 things you are grateful for right now.

What’s your mission statement or mantra that you live by?

What misconceptions do you think people who don’t blog, have about bloggers?

Name your superpower and tell me what colour would your cape be?


I apologise if you’ve already been nominated or this just isn’t your bag, baby – it’s totally okay to ignore it!

Otherwise I cannot wait to get you know better – drop me a message when you post. And enjoy 🙂






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