Imagine your perfect day

pm tea

How fashionable is afternoon tea now?

I recently enjoyed a lovely afternoon surrounded by slim cut sandwiches, mini cakes and sumptuous scones – laden with jam and clotted cream.

I always look forward to the presentation with anticipation, each one slightly different from the last as the venue places their own unique spin on it. I get excited when the choice of lovelies are revealed, seeing them in all their delicate finery.

As experiences go, it’s definitely something that has earned a place on my perfect day fantasy.

What would you include in your perfect day?

It’s a question I ask the children I work with regularly. I learn so much about what’s going on inside their heads by what they draw.

Some kids draw the whole she-bang. Disneyland, riches, the perfect bedroom full of toys. Some draw their dreams. To be a fighter pilot, racing car driver or work with animals.

Some, however draw the simple things. Choosing to eat whatever they want for breakfast or a day spent with a family member they don’t get to see often.

What elements would be in your perfect day?

Over the years I have perfected my fantasy – I revisit it regularly as it never ceases to amaze me how it changes over time. As you become clearer on what fulfils you, makes you smile, has value and what is important to you, your perfect day will evolve and the experiences you ponder on, will change too.

Give yourself permission to daydream about your perfect day.

empty plate

How would it start, or end? Who would be there with you? How might it be different from the things you spend time on now?

You might be surprised by where your mind takes you…or not.


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