Three Awards in One Month!


Versatile: capable of adapting or turning from one thing to another

Versatile to me means not rigid, flowing and adaptable. I think that’s a pretty awesome thing to be known for and it fits in with my intentions ‘Ease and Flow’ for 2016 – read about them here.

I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award before – but it’s always so lovely and exciting when someone thinks your little blog is worthy of a mention. Thank you to Sweta Ojha for nominating me.

I’ve written before, that when someone takes the time to read, comment, like or mention you in some way it inspires me to continue to write. It makes me want to write amazing content for you to read and hopefully you will take something away that in turn inspires you, touches you or simply makes you smile.

There’s a bunch of things I’m supposed to do…

Show the award on your blog
Thank the person/people who nominated you
Share 7 things about yourself.
Nominate 10 blogs

Things you need to know about me…

⭐️ I’m an old romantic – think flowers, holding hands, kisses in the rain

⭐️ I work in a pastoral team in a very large primary school – I tell the kids it’s my job to help everyone find their smile

⭐️ As a child I had an imaginary dog called Bumpy dog

⭐️ 12 months ago I made some drastic lifestyle changes and have never looked back

⭐️ I need a hug EVERY day

⭐️ I have already started my Christmas shopping!

⭐️ I believe that you should find one thing that makes you smile Every. Single. Day

I am nominating my most recent follows…

Sarah Maries Crafts and Fashion


The Vegan Mystic

Craft and Other Crazy Plans

Big and Pinky Toes

My Friday Blog

Queen of the Girl Geeks

Common Vibes

Flower in Rainy Day

Rhianna Elizabeth Blog

The thing I love most about being nominated for an award is that you then get to share and showcase what others are doing, by nominating their blogs.

Check them out, like their stuff and leave a kind comment – let’s share the love.



18 thoughts on “Three Awards in One Month!

  1. Many congratulations on your award Nicky, someone who inspires others to show their best side and be confident in who they are deserves it! I love that you are an old romantic and all the other items about yourself, big hugs to you, Terri xo


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