I Think I’ve Found My Tribe


There’s no feeling in the world like the one when you find your kindred spirits.

I’m still such a baby at this blogging lark. Four months old, I’m barely sleeping through the night! But I am learning every day and the thing that makes it so amazing is the people I’m connecting with.

Yes, they come from all walks of life.

Yes, they live in all four corners of the world.

And yes, their stories are as varied as the weather.

But they’re here. Doing what they do. Connecting. Sharing. Embracing. Supporting.

Now that’s my kinda tribe.

I’m honoured to say that I’ve been nominated for some awards recently, so I thought I’d do one post about them all.

Infinite Dreams

Sharon from Curious Queendom nominated me for my first ever award (thanks for being there from the beginning) – this little beauty called Infinite Dreams Award.


From Dream to Plan nominated me for the very inspiring Versatile Blogger Award.


Ioana From Music Teacher Lifestyle nominated me for this super gorgeous award.


Daisy in the Willows nominated me for this epically awesome award.

All four blogs are worthy of a mention and great places to hang out. They’re unique and inspiring in their own way and are the definition of what makes blogging great. They’ve have been so supportive towards me with their comments. Thank you so much.

The awards all share similar rules so I’m going to do a mixture of them all…

The Rules

Thank your nominator and link their Blog on your post.

Answer the questions you feel cool answering or share facts about yourself

Come up with new questions or use the existing ones for your nominees

Let your nominees know. You can pick the number of nominees.

Things you need to know about me

I’m a sensory gal – I eat with my eyes; love sounds such as laughter, music, the rain; crave the feel of soft things on my skin; am seduced by smells such as fresh coffee and perfume; adore eating Thai food and totally love hugs.

My blog is where I write to inspire people to go out and find their happy place, find what makes their soul sing and find themselves along the way. My motivation is to make someone, somewhere smile every day.

I think you are all amazing. Believe it.

I’m addicted to quotes – I get excited when I find the perfect one for just the right occasion.

I love beautifully wrapped gifts – coordinated paper, bags, tissue and ribbon makes my heart do little star jumps.

I’m easily seduced by a pretty cocktail.

I dislike chick flicks – will always opt for the action movie.

My kids are my happy place. Period.

I have an eclectic taste in music – I can switch from classical movie soundtracks to Caro Emerald to Five Finger Death Punch to nineties hip hop to eighties hair metal, depending on my mood!

I still haven’t decided what I want to do when I grow up.

Blogs I think are worth checking out

Tales from the cabbage patch

Angel Stew Blog

Close to you

Johanna Rosberg

Against Modern Consciousness

Ends and Beginnings


Earth to Emma

Teen Girl Meets World

A Teachers Reflections

Things I need to know about you

Name one amazing thing that has happened to you this week?

Where do you see yourself and your blog in five years time?

What’s your favourite colour and what does it make you think of?

If you were given an extra 12 hours tomorrow, how would you spend them?

Do you know someone who is awesome? Tell me and then tell them.

I know I totally broke all the rules by putting four awards on one post – but hey, isn’t that what blogging’s all about? Your story your way?

Anyway, the main reasons we do these awards are to share blogs worth sharing and to get to know each other better – and I believe I’ve done that with bells on!

I apologise if you’ve already been nominated or this just isn’t your bag, baby – I won’t be offended if you ignore it! But if you want to, you can choose one of these (or all) awards to claim for yourself.

I cannot wait to get you know better – drop me a message when you post.

Awesome and epic, versatile, lovely and infinite dreams are amazing things to be nominated for. However, I’m only as awesome as the readers who inspire me day after day to keep on writing – so thanks to my tribe out there, reading my stuff.

I’m so glad I found you 💋

Nicky xo


14 thoughts on “I Think I’ve Found My Tribe

  1. Thank you for the mention Nicky M! I am excited to check out all of the blogs you mentioned. Given your message and your writing, I am interested to meet others in the community alike especially, or different. All are welcome.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is awesome! Thank you so much for choosing me, I’m so honored! And I’m very happy to be part of your tribe 🙂 I don’t really do the award thing, but I really enjoyed reading yours. Looks like we have a few “weird” things in common!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooh I didn’t think of that! How about you choose? I’m all for free thinking – let’s break ALL the rules! How about a combination of more than one? The Lovely Awesome Versatile Blogger Award? We could coin it as our own LAV Award!!!! Lol 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It does look that way – but I’ve been nominated these over a period of 4 months. Just never got round to doing them. You’re welcome – keep doing what you do 🙂


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