What stories will they tell?

Photo via freeimages

Life…such a short word to describes the enormity of everything you are and have experienced.

None of us really know how long we have left; what stories still to tell, actions not yet accomplished, memories not made.

I was reminded of this recently with the sudden death of a neighbour. Sobering thought how your life can change in an instant. The only thing we can be sure of is this moment, right now. It’s the age old saying of enjoy every day as if it’s your last – because it just may well be.

But do you enjoy your days?

Do you stroll through the sunshine noticing the magic, delighting in the detail, savouring the sights and sounds as you make memories?

Or do you move through the fog unseeing, experiencing the days as one long chore, the mundane day to day getting you down – believing life would be so much easier if everyone just left you alone?

Your attitude towards life greatly influences your experiences and that of the people close by. It’s only when you are reminded of how short it really is that you pause and take stock of what’s important.

So take a moment, right now and wonder where and what are your priorities? Don’t wait for a tragedy to enforce changes. Don’t leave things left unsaid. Don’t have regrets.

Make one change today – just a small one that might influence someone else’s day, make you smile or have a positive impact on your four letter word.

One day people will be reminiscing and sharing stories about you and your life.

Make them good ones.

Written in memory of my lovely neighbour, June.


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