An honest evaluation of my blogging journey so far…


The New Year seems like a good time to evaluate and reflect on my blogging journey (more like expedition!) over the last 12 months.

Blogging has been a blast! Since publishing my first post back in February I have gained over 700 followers, published 200 posts and connected with so many of you from all corners of the world.

The Highs…

Starting out I had no idea which direction I would go. I had a sassy web address, a desire to write, a passion to be authentic and an insatiable appetite to help others see how fabulous they truly are too. It was exciting and scary and fun and overwhelming all at the same time and I was a total virgin at all of it!


I started #itsthelittlethings as a way to document the little things that made me smile throughout the week and now it’s become a bit of a catchphrase for when something goods happens around here!

I’ve written some articles that have made my soul sing and they seemed to have deeply resonated with you guys too – Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful was such a pleasure to write and a message I try to live by.


I’ve talked honestly about myself in the Things You Need to Know About Me series and shared my experiences about how the death of my younger brother completely changed my life and was the motivation to start writing.

In my monthly round up (Monthly Musings) I regularly share new blogs I have stumbled across that I feel are worthy of a look – this has been so successful and something that I enjoy doing so much. Connecting with others is a great bonus that I didn’t expect when I started blogging. I even became pen pals with one of you lovely readers.

The lows…

The last few weeks I have definitely felt a little ‘off my A game’ blogging wise. But hey, it happens to us all I’m sure. The pressure of juggling a full time job (and life) alongside a blog is hard. And whilst it is a great hobby, unfortunately it is the thing that suffers when time isn’t available.

Also as a result of not being around so much lately I have noticed a drop in my monthly stats – despite never being hung up on the numbers previously, it’s hard not to feel like a bit of a failure when they dip.


Sometimes you have an abundance of ideas. You find inspiration for posts on every corner it seems. Then some days you stare at that blank white screen and…nothing. Just nothing. Even when you do write something, some days you hit that delete button so many times and question the validity and worth of what you have written that you don’t publish it anyway! My post on Why Do I Write When It’s All Be Written Before came from such a moment of unworthiness and thoughts of ‘who am I to even think I can do this’.

Also it seems there’s an unwritten rule, expectation if you like to define your niche and put yourself into a category; lifestyle, food etc. Can I not just be someone who writes to inspire people to find their smile, find what makes their soul sing and help them become the best version of themselves with the occasional lifestyle type post thrown in every now and then?

Final thoughts…

One thing I have learnt about blogging is that there are no hard and fast rules. My blog, my rules. Blogging to me, is about writing and creating content you are passionate about.

It’s about finding your voice, your slant, your style and running with it.


It’s about sharing your experiences and thoughts and asking others what they think.

It’s about connecting and sharing and reading and creating and not taking it all too seriously!

Can I get a hell yeah?

So keep creating and writing. Stay passionate and authentic. Be true to yourself, be amazing and continue to share the love.


Merry Christmas you gorgeous people – see you in the new year!

Nicky 💋



Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: The Finale


Being your own kind of beautiful takes effort, practise and commitment.

You may have to follow a path that others won’t take, make decisions that others won’t make and dance to the beat of a drum that no one else can hear.

But when you do – you will live an authentic life full of things that make your soul sing.

And that my friends is what it’s all about.

This list is not exhaustable. I chose a starting point using the nine letters from the word beautiful.

Add to them.

Have your own set of values that you live by, that you are known for, that are true for you.

And remember…

⭐️ Your brave doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.

⭐️ You will achieve far more when you’re enthusiastic.

⭐️ True strength comes in the form of accepting where you are.

⭐️ Be unique! It’s what the world needs.

⭐️ Be truthful at all times and you will live a happier, more fulfilled life.

⭐️ Having integrity is knowing how important you are.

⭐️ People like friendly people.

⭐️ Be understanding – one day you may be grateful for someone who is.

⭐️ Love yourself unconditionally – you spend more time with yourself than anyone else.

I believe you have the power to be your own kind of beautiful – not what the media portrays, or society tells you you need to be.

But your beautiful, your way.

Did you like this series of posts? Would you like more like this? Let me know below, so that I can continue to create great content that you want to read.

Thank you 💋

Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: Loving


Our last, but by no means least value.

The one that has been written about for centuries. Poets, songwriters, novelists and teenagers across the world understand that this is what we crave, need and long for.

Being loving is about being kind and generous, compassionate and understanding. It’s all encompassing. Most of us do it without a second thought to our loved ones.

But quite often we are the last person we think about, take time for, speak kindly to or about.

This is a little bit of a ‘self care’ prompt and I know some readers will be rolling their eyes…however, why would you not want to look after yourself?

⭐️ By putting yourself first every now and then you recharge your batteries enabling you to care more for others

⭐️ By putting yourself first every now and then you give others permission to do the same

⭐️ By putting yourself first every now and then you teach yourself that you are worth it

How often are you loving towards yourself? What if you changed this mindset?

In your journey towards being your own kind of beautiful love yourself unconditionally – you spend more time with yourself than anyone else.

Show some love.

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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: Understanding


Ever had one of those moments where you feel like you’re in a movie?

Not long after my brother died, I remember driving along a road looking out of the window at the world going about it’s business. It reminded me of the scene in The Matrix when Keanu Reeves’ character Neo is in the back of the car, having arrived in the matrix for the first time – he watches in wonder as people seemingly unaware of their reality go about their day to day lives – despite none of it being real.

I too was in an alternate reality – one I didn’t know how to navigate yet.

I wanted to scream at people, “Don’t you know my brother just died?” as they walked on by with their so called perfect lives.

When I look back to those days I often wonder was I rude, less than friendly, uncommunicative and generally hard to be around?

Most people would have been understanding and kind had I explained my recent loss.

But I didn’t.

I couldn’t.

⭐️ Think twice before you make an assumption or judge someone

⭐️ Think the best of people without assuming the worse

⭐️ Think how you can improve their day rather than add to their possible stress

We don’t know what people around us are dealing with, what pain they might be living with or what difficult situations are present in their lives.

Can you think of someone who may need a little more empathy on your part? They might be fighting an unseen battle.

In the quest to be your own kind of beautiful – be understanding. One day you may be grateful for someone who is.

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Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: Friendly


This value doesn’t need much introduction – I mean, we all know who the friendly people are!

They are the ones with a cheery disposition, who smile and compliment others. They have good energy, are fun to be around and are usually happy and laughing. They are approachable if you need something, generous with their time, happy to support you and cause you very little stress.

In school, we do a lot of work around friendships and getting along with others. It’s a lifelong skill and some people find it difficult – in fact sorting out friendship issues is the number one thief of my time.

Children all know the kind of friends they want – but few would admit to being that person. However, children have to be taught these skills – relationships are tough when you’re 6, 7 and 8! And they’re not much better in your 20’s, 30’s and beyond.

A lot of it comes down to letting go of your ego.

⭐️ It’s about not having to always be right, first or getting your own way.

⭐️ It’s about compromise and acceptance and not judging people.

⭐️ It’s about thinking the best of people without assuming the worse.

Does this sound like you? Would you be described as friendly? If not, what can you do about it?

In the quest to be your own kind of beautiful, the bottom line is that people like friendly people!

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