Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: The Finale


Being your own kind of beautiful takes effort, practise and commitment.

You may have to follow a path that others won’t take, make decisions that others won’t make and dance to the beat of a drum that no one else can hear.

But when you do – you will live an authentic life full of things that make your soul sing.

And that my friends is what it’s all about.

This list is not exhaustable. I chose a starting point using the nine letters from the word beautiful.

Add to them.

Have your own set of values that you live by, that you are known for, that are true for you.

And remember…

⭐️ Your brave doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.

⭐️ You will achieve far more when you’re enthusiastic.

⭐️ True strength comes in the form of accepting where you are.

⭐️ Be unique! It’s what the world needs.

⭐️ Be truthful at all times and you will live a happier, more fulfilled life.

⭐️ Having integrity is knowing how important you are.

⭐️ People like friendly people.

⭐️ Be understanding – one day you may be grateful for someone who is.

⭐️ Love yourself unconditionally – you spend more time with yourself than anyone else.

I believe you have the power to be your own kind of beautiful – not what the media portrays, or society tells you you need to be.

But your beautiful, your way.

Did you like this series of posts? Would you like more like this? Let me know below, so that I can continue to create great content that you want to read.

Thank you 💋


24 thoughts on “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: The Finale

  1. Ah such a lovely post. I particuarly enjoyed the part which says, ‘have your own set of values’. This is the best advice for anyone and it definitely does help when you are living a life where you are true to yourself. Thank you for sharing. ♥

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  2. I LOVED these series of posts, and I think it would be great to create a hashtag. Maybe something like #BeYOUtiful & start a movement! You could even do other series & tie it into it. You would be great at that!

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