Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: Unique


The inspiration for this whole series came from one quote – “be your own kind of beautiful”.

Six words that summed up all I have learnt, reflected on and taught in the last few years since the death of my younger brother.

I have written before about how, after reaching a very low pint in my life I literally had to pick myself up from rock bottom and how I found my smile again.

Pressure from the media, our peers, society and ourselves has never been higher. We are bombarded by advertisements on how to be prettier, slimmer, happier, wealthier. Success is defined by many, many terms.

But what if you took a look at your life and created your own definition of what success means to you based on your uniqueness.

⭐️ Being authentic despite everyday pressures

⭐️ Doing what you love even if it’s not the norm, or popular

⭐️ Trusting your instinct and making the decisions that are best for you

⭐️ Dancing to the beat of your own drum

It’s a long journey, but if you want to live the most authentic life you can, you need to spend time getting to know yourself.

Find what makes you come alive; what makes you cross; what you need every day; how you want to be seen and what you believe in.

Find what makes you unique.

In the quest to be your own kind of beautiful – you need to be you! It’s what the world needs.

Reflect on where in your life you struggle to be yourself. Where do you feel you should not or could not stand out from the crowd? Why do you think this is? What can you do to change your mindset?

Remember, I think you are amazing just the way you are!

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12 thoughts on “Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful: Unique

  1. This is one of the amazing posts that I’ve read! I love everything that is written here espeially the lines saying that we should do what we love even if it’s not the norm and trusting our instincts in making our decisions. I feel like this post is talking to me…To be quite honest, I am nervous with the additional stuffs that I will be doing on my blog. I don’t know if readers will gonna like it but I’m just listening to what m heart says so I do it…I could only hope for a good outcome ☺ Thanks for posting this Nicky!

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    1. If you don’t listen to your heart and write what you are passionate about how can you be authentic? Maybe not everyone will like it – but the ones that do will be the kind of people you want in your tribe 🙂

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  2. Hi Nicky! This post resonates with me. Unfortunately it sometimes takes a tragedy to find your authentic self but that is (in my opinion) the best possible way to handle something as difficult as a death. I’ve always struggled with being myself in the workplace, which is ironically where I spend most of my time. What has really helped me with this is reflecting on my strengths and offering assistance in these areas instead of focusing on what I struggle with. This naturally makes me happier and more successful. Thanks for the post, I look forward to reading the rest!


  3. Very nice article. Agree with you.When we accept ourselves with all limitations, we can see the hidden beauty within us. Liked those specific questions you have written for introspection.


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