Monday Motivation #1


What’s the point in not being fully present?

Where’s the value in doing a half a job?

Why bother starting if you’re not going to finish?

How difficult are you going to be around if you’re constantly moaning?

Be awesome!

Show up. Do a good job. Be reliable, accountable, responsible. Stand out. Do it your way. Be the one people go to.

None of us like working with inattentive, lazy, dull or careless people.

It brings us down.

So, be awesome!

Be wonderful at what you do, how you speak, how you carry yourself.

Walk with confidence. Speak beautiful words. Smile. Be lovely.

Be awesome!

Even if you’re not quite feeling it yet. Act as if you are.

Have magnificent standards. Take it to the next level. Pay attention to the details. Give that little bit extra.

Be awesome!

Bring the good energy. The little spark. Be your own kind of beautiful.

And do it all with a little more love.

Have an awesome day šŸ’‹


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