A letter for when it all feels too much


For those days when you feel like The Universe is conspiring against you.

You are not alone.

When your day is one long treadmill/hamster wheel/crazy train *delete as necessary.

I feel your struggle.

Where it seems that everyone you meet wants a piece of you, to give you another job, needs some of your precious time.

I understand the pressure.

When your to-do list is infinite, your stress levels are expanding exponentially and time is running out.

I know your discomfort.

When self care is way down on your list of priorities, you are forgetting more than you remember and there’s nothing in the cupboard for tea.

I want to tell you…You got this.

We have to take charge, become the master and sort it out. We are competent human beings – but sometimes we forget to put ourselves first, state our limits and set clear boundaries.

We forget to say no. We don’t question intentions. Set ourselves unrealistic targets.

We think we can do it all.

And we can.

But first you need to ‘regroup’.

Write a list, ask for help, lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes to clear your head. Do whatever it takes to centre yourself and start from there.

Prioritise. Delegate. Be honest. Ask for support. Be realistic about what you can achieve. Breathe. Slow down. Think things through. Steady yourself. Smile. Have a coffee break. Activate a different part of your brain. Switch off. Connect. Breathe some more.

⭐ If we don’t look after ourselves first – how can we possibly support others?

⭐ If we continue to fill every minute of our day with busyness – where will we find time to simply be?

⭐ If we don’t have clear boundaries in place – how will we ever teach people how we wish to be treated?

⭐ If we pretend everything is alright when it’s not – what false truths are we teaching our children?

⭐ If you spend your days on a cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat – where will you find time to truly shine?

I believe you are capable, competent and worthy of living a fabulous life.

Go live it.



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