Monday Motivation #4


It’s the moment we all dread…the alarm making it’s presence known on a Monday morning!

Instead of dread, what if you were filled with the desire to get the most out of your working week? What if you made the most of every moment without leaving your energy levels depleted? What if you were simply happier?

Get up earlier – even 20 minutes will help your day get off to a more relaxed start. Eat your breakfast slowly, read a few pages of your book, tidy up or text someone a well thought out inspirational message.

Organise yourself – both the night before and first thing in the morning. Plan your outfit, your food, your goals and intentions for a more focused and productive day.

Find the fun – look for things that make you smile and laugh. Then find ways to include them in every day.

Outside – fresh air energises your mind, body and soul. A change of scenery can recharge your senses making you feel calm and clear headed.

Reflect – you are amazing! Notice what you do well, embrace your authenticity, practise gratitude and remember to celebrate all you achieved today.

Inside – nourish your body with water and a healthy lunch. Sit down, take a break and eat mindfully.

Trust your intuition – you got this. You know what you need to do, where improvements can be made, or where you need to say no.


Monday Motivation #3

img_1179Hold your head high. Walk tall. Be your beautiful self.

Be known for your character, or your standards, or your fun.

Just be known for something.

Something that is completely you – not how anyone else does it, appears or acts.

But completely, uniquely, authentically you.

Have a little self belief.

Stand strong for what you believe in.

Act alone if you do not agree with others.

Walk away from the crowd.

But never give in. Don’t follow ‘just because‘. Don’t bow down to peer pressure.

You are beautiful.

Just the way you are.

💋 xoxo

Monday Motivation #2


I think stars are pretty amazing!

I love looking up at them. I often wonder if someone else in another country is looking up at the very same stars at the very same time. As a child I wondered if they were placed individually, one at a time or sprinkled like glitter randomly. As an adult, I always feel closest to those I have lost looking at them on a clear night. I have always been fascinated.

We are like stars.

And not just because we are amazing, bright like the sun, layered and complicated.

Did you know that stars are in constant conflict with themselves?

Gravity pulls the star inward but the star pushes against this pressure to stop it collapsing in on itself. If it were to give in, the star would become smaller and smaller over time.

Let’s be like stars.

Push against the pressures placed on you. Don’t become a smaller version of yourself for anyone.

Celebrate your magnificence.

Encourage others to shine.

Be the stars you are.

💋 xoxo

Monday Motivation #1


What’s the point in not being fully present?

Where’s the value in doing a half a job?

Why bother starting if you’re not going to finish?

How difficult are you going to be around if you’re constantly moaning?

Be awesome!

Show up. Do a good job. Be reliable, accountable, responsible. Stand out. Do it your way. Be the one people go to.

None of us like working with inattentive, lazy, dull or careless people.

It brings us down.

So, be awesome!

Be wonderful at what you do, how you speak, how you carry yourself.

Walk with confidence. Speak beautiful words. Smile. Be lovely.

Be awesome!

Even if you’re not quite feeling it yet. Act as if you are.

Have magnificent standards. Take it to the next level. Pay attention to the details. Give that little bit extra.

Be awesome!

Bring the good energy. The little spark. Be your own kind of beautiful.

And do it all with a little more love.

Have an awesome day 💋