Stay Strong and Carry On

Ever had a day where you wonder if it’s all worth it or questioned if youย are doing enough or even doing it ‘right’?

If so, then this post is for you.

These quotes are my go-to pick me ups that I return to time and time again when I’m feeling inadequate, unworthy or just like I have no more to give.


You can only do what you can and your job is not to do it all. Nor do you need to save the world or everyone in it. Your job is to do what is requested of you. However, we all know that the list is never ending… so this quote is here to remind you that you have a finite amount of time, energy and resources.


It really does. Whatever your role. Whether you provide, create, care, heal, inspire, encourage, teach, support or entertain – you have a purpose and it is needed.


We are so quick to judge ourselves when we don’t know how to do something or if we make a mistake. We have this unrealistic expectation of ourselves that we should act, look and behave perfectly all of the time. Well I’m here to tell you sister to give yourself a break! We should always, always feel driven to improve ourselves and raise our standards. Have high expectations no matter what. But don’t ever put yourself down (or let anyone else for that matter) for doing the best you know how to at this moment in time. Look for the lessons in all that comes your way – there is much to be learned should we put our minds to it.

Stay strong. Keep moving forward. Be fabulous in all that you are. Be authentic and never, ever feel you are not worth it.

You so are.

๐Ÿ’‹ xoxo


5 thoughts on “Stay Strong and Carry On

  1. Great quotes Nicky! And I agree…sometimes we can only do so much, but it doesn’t mean that we fail or we fell short. We still give ourselves a credit for giving what we could. Thanks for the reminder that we’re not superheroes! โ˜บ


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