What Are You Thinking?

Did you know that on average we think between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day?

That’s an astounding 40 thoughts per minute!

As an overthinker, I have to work really (and I mean really!) hard to govern what those thoughts entail.

If I’m not having a good day or am tired, I will often find myself caught up in negative self talk, being judgemental or simply wallowing in the depths of a pity party.

We’ve all been there.


But I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to think every thought that pops into your head

Our thoughts and the effect they have on our lives have been pondered upon by some of the greatest thinkers in history. So it’s not a new subject – but it is one we haven’t mastered yet.

For me, the trick is to notice when you are in this mindset.

When you find your thoughts are less than helpful, negative or unkind – simply acknowledge them and move on. Don’t dwell on them, give them room to grow (because they will) or allow them to take up anymore of your headspace.

Let them go.


When you allow yourself periods of quiet time, to reflect, journal or simply be still – you give your soul the opportunity to communicate and maybe influence your thoughts.

The stillness is where you can be mindful of your thoughts; when answers might be presented; when your intuition takes centre stage; when your muse comes out to play; when you can really hear what your body is telling you.


Our thoughts can make us anxious. We fill our lives with stuff and expectations and rarely get off the treadmill long enough to recharge our spiritual batteries. It can be difficult to put life into perspective sometimes and we may feel that everything and everyone is against us. But rarely is that the case.

For me, anxiety rears its’ ugly head when I have not taken care of myself. When I have allowed myself to become overwhelmed, overworked and forgotten to meet my own needs in the process. Do not let yourself get caught up in the shoulda, coulda and have-to’s of life.

Remember to be kind to yourself. Always. Not just when you are feeling low.


We need to actively be aware of how much our thoughts affect our lives. If you are a glass half empty kind of person, your brain will work hard to confirm that; to show you where your life is not up to scratch or where you are not successful. Likewise, and I truly believe this – if you choose to live your life in a way where you look for the good in people, have gratitude and are more positive – more will come your way.

I promise you this is true.


You can choose to be happy. Choose to be your own kind of beautiful. Choose to smile. Choose to connect with others. Choose to look after yourself. Choose to notice the little things that make your day brighter. Choose to think helpful thoughts; warm, loving thoughts.

About yourself and others.

Every single day.

Care to share?

What thoughts occupy your mind? Are they productive, helpful and beautiful? Are they full of love and excitement and kindness? Are you in control of what you think?

I’d love to know



28 thoughts on “What Are You Thinking?

  1. This is so helpful. I will try to refrain from entertaining negative thoughts. I am an overthinker and I feel like I’ve been thinking way too much lately. Thanks for sharing this! ❤


  2. I have worked quite a bit on mindfulness and used cognitive behavioural therapy and emotional freedom technique on old wounds. At the end of the day these count for nothing if we forget to care for ourselves. Many thanks Nicky for a great reminder.


  3. Wonderful post Nicky and great reminders. I’m a big over-thinker so completely relate to what you’re saying here. Despite being a positive half glass full person I do get a bit lost in my swirl of thoughts.


    1. Easily done Miriam, me too! We just need a little nudge every now and then to remind us we have the power to grab the control back. Thanks for taking the time to comment – have a great day 🙂

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  4. Maybe it was post holiday blues but my mind filled with dread multiple times today. Sometimes I just want to empty my mind and think one good thing intently. I love the ancients too.


  5. I’m massively in control of what I think. I made that a priority after all my mental health struggles. I generally think very positive and rational things but I like to play around in the imaginative realm too. I love this post and the posts you’ve been putting out recently about life lessons in general. They’re super informative, written so well, and very truthful. I think a lot of people could benefit from them, keep it up! 🙂

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