One Simple Truth you Need to Increase Your Happiness


How happy are you?

How do you define happiness?

On a scale of 1 – 10 or I’ll be happy when..?

What does happy look like to you?

To me, it’s my kids…food in my cupboard…time spent alone…a good book…pottering in the garden…helping someone find their smile…surprise gifts…chocolate cake…

What’s stopping you from being completely happy? 

Your situation? Other people? Lack of time? Or money?

All of the above?

The thing is, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be happy, that we rarely spend any time doing it! You can read books on how to be happy, attend workshops to help you find your happiness, listen to guided meditations….the list goes on.

Did you ever wonder why some people seem to just be happy, no matter what life throws at them?

I’m guessing it’s because they’ve realised one simple truth…

“Happiness is a choice”

No, honestly it is.

And it starts once you realise that life isn’t about being perfect.

We get stressed and upset when things don’t go our way or how we had planned them. We tell ourselves that if it goes this way we will be happy. We let circumstance dictate our happiness.

We decide that there is only one perfect outcome and anything less than this is wrong and therefore we will be unhappy.

Do you see how crazy that is?

ONE perfect outcome and A MILLION ways to get it wrong. So basically you’re giving yourself a million to one chance to be happy everyday!

Let’s start flexing our flexibility bone people. There isn’t a perfect way to live. It’s nigh on impossible to be perfect all the time – and why would you want to?

We are human beings. We mess up. We make mistakes. We change our minds. We get stuff wrong. We say the wrong thing. We make wrong decisions. We create chaos.

It’s what makes us human.


Stop striving to be perfect, don’t judge others, start paying attention to the little things that make you smile, be grateful, do stuff for other people, look after yourself more, decide every morning that you’re going to be happy and start enjoying life exactly as it is.

You’ll be amazed at how happy you can be, once you make your mind up.


17 thoughts on “One Simple Truth you Need to Increase Your Happiness

  1. That was very uplifting 😀 What does happiness mean to me? Going on a walk with my family, going to eat something good, blogging without people disrupting me, reading a good book, watching a good chinese drama 😀 😀 smiling like an idiot 😀 😀

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  2. I loved reading this. It was a nice reminder to something I have always believed – happiness is a choice and it involves action. It’s something I’m currently working on and I think I’m moving in the right direction. For example, a year ago, I would have measured my happiness at 0.3, but now, I think it’s about a 4. I’m making progress one day at a time.

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