You can’t have it both ways


Life is a balancing act.

Daily we traverse between the yin and yang, wrong and right, light and dark.

We’re in a state of flux; moving forward or backwards, we ebb and flow, exert or rest.

Finding the harmony, the sweet spot, our groove becomes a mission; something we strive for but barely, if ever reach.

We long for the plain sailing, easy come easy go, happy days, or stress free life.

But it’s the difficult times where our true strength comes alive. We get through it. We learn. We grow.

There would be no rainbow without the rain.

No lotus without the mud.

No gratitude without the loss.

No sense of relief without experiencing the pain.

No true love without a pinch of heartache.

No trust without faith.

No success without hard work.

No goals without dreams.

No life without living it to the fullest.

As much as we would love, dream about a life that’s easy peasy and trouble free, it’s during adversity that we shine. We come alive. We survive.

Your life is a balancing act of your difficulties and celebrations. You cannot have one without the other.


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