Kindness is always fashionable


Week 4 of the kindness challenge was all about being kind.

The prompt this week was about incorporating kind actions into your everyday so that they become habits that develop into a lifestyle. Small things that we can do to enhance someone’s experience – hold open a door; say please and thankyou; helping neighbours; making eye contact and just spending time with people.

Niki’s Tip: Kindness doesn’t need to be reserved for special occasions, tallied or capped. You can’t spread too much kindness! The more you practice, the more it becomes apart of your lifestyle and the less you need to think about being kind- you just are.

This week I was out and about a lot. So I decided I was going to compliment, say thanks and wish people a great day wherever I went.

And so I did.

Every blog, coffee shop, restaurant and people I came into contact with this week got an extra cheery compliment and a ‘Thankyou, have a great day’.

It’s funny how quickly it became second nature. I couldn’t leave anywhere (including blog posts) without saying something kind. And why shouldn’t you let people know if they’ve touched, inspired, changed or bettered your day in some way? We often think compliments but don’t always share them out loud.

You won’t believe how many smiles I put on people’s faces. People love it when they receive a genuine compliment, especially when you share it with someone else also.

What small actions can you incorporate into your everyday that will improve someone else’s day?

Spread the word people, let’s start a revolution – a kindness revolution.



18 thoughts on “Kindness is always fashionable

  1. i love this, in fact, i do this often, with a big smile. And most times, i just check on people just to appreciate the goodness in them, to make them know they are not forgotten


  2. Great calling for a kindness revolution! Also you are right about how many of us think about compliments, but forget to voice them. A change is in order. Moreover, something that I do daily is stop traffic behind me in order to allow a car on the side to enter the flow of traffic; they always either wave, smile, thank me, or all of the above. I have enjoyed the practice.


    1. I’m glad you agree a revolution is in order! Any little act of kindness not only changes someone else’s day, but ours too. Keep doing what you’re doing and when the time comes I’ll call on you to be my deputy LOL!

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  3. I try my best to make sure people know I appreciate everything they do. Sometimes I’m better about it in the office and out in public than I am at home, but I’m working on it. 🙂 I love your idea of starting a kindness revolution!

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  4. Oh, yes! This is another thing I started doing also. I just compliment everything. I always used to think to myself: “Oh, I love her dress so much”. Now I say it. And everyone lights up when you admire them, it’s just so nice to see that!

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