The Kindness Challenge


I’m always up for a challenge and this one seemed right up my sparkly, glitter sprinkled street!

I’m a firm believer that kindness is something we could all benefit from – both receiving and giving it. Too many people are only concerned with their lives and don’t see what’s going on around them.

Let’s be honest – we could all live in an egocentric world where it was all about us – that would be easy; do what we want, when we want every single day.

But real strength lies in putting others first sometimes, being kind without exception and doing things for no reward other than the smile it produces. I say strength, because not everyone has the skill.

A large part of my role is teaching children to have empathy. Some young people find it incredibly difficult to see things from another’s point of view, share or compromise. It’s a skill that has to be learned early on and some sadly, don’t get that chance. As a therapeutic worker, it’s my job to gently encourage and help them understand both their own, and other peoples’ feelings and strategies for getting along.

Doing things for others, increases our own happiness; it encourages gratitude and a positive outlook in life and helps us develop our values. These things all aid us in gaining a stronger sense of self – which in turn leads to confidence and great self esteem.

This challenge aims to focus on a different aspect of kindness each week.


Week 1:Β Start your day with kindness

Here are a few ways I will be slipping a little kindness into my early morning routine:

  • Setting my intention for the day – keeping my mind focused on the positives, including my thoughts
  • Affirmations – just saying the words, “I am kind” out loud can help to change your thoughts and perspectives
  • Notice acts of kindness – train your mind to look for these moments
  • Plan to do 1 kind thing today; for myself or someone else – when you have a goal, you are more likely to succeed

I’ll write a post at the end of week documenting how I got on.

For now – I’ll leave you with one of my thoughts…


Leave a shimmering trail of kindness wherever you go today.

I will.


5 thoughts on “The Kindness Challenge

  1. This is a really touching entry. I think the world of our communities would benefit so much if everyone who read this took on a little bit of this challenge. And you are right, it is important to catch children early. Otherwise they can grow up to be people who never really conceive people as entire other beings…


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