5 Ways I Use Affirmations In My Life

Wondering how you can introduce a little positivity into your day?

Here are my top 5 favourite ideas for keeping those affirmations and mantras in your heart throughout the day.

πŸ’› Without doubt one of my favourite things to do is create my own art by putting postcards in picture frames. It’s inexpensive and so easy to do. This little card is from Paperchase and the frame was from Poundland.



πŸ’› I am so happy when I find a piece of jewellery with a positive affirmation on. This little beauty is from Aspire Style and you can choose to personalise it with words of your choice. Following on from my Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful series I had Be Beautiful Be You engraved on my necklace. It’s the perfect reminder every time I look in the mirror – don’t you think?

*And if you quote ‘Shimmer’ on your order – you will receive a 10% discount on any purchase (except sale items)Β until 31.10.16.


πŸ’› I love putting quotes and wise words on my photographs. I use them as inspiration for my posts and on social media. I love finding the perfect photo to illustrate a beautiful saying. There are plenty of apps you can use – try Phonto or Canva to get you started.


πŸ’› This one maybe a little drastic for some of you. However, I had this done at a particularly low point in my life and I needed something to believe in. I had the line ‘The sun will shine‘ from the Metallica song The Day That Never Comes tattooed on my foot.


πŸ’› I fuel my stationary habit by buying notebooks with wonderful, wise words on them. I picked this little beauty up from The Works for just a few pounds.


So there we have it – a few ways you can use affirmations in your life.

You will be happily reminded to stay positive throughout the day whenever you notice them – who knows, others may start noticing them too.

Remember, you got this and never forget that I think you’re amazing!


10 thoughts on “5 Ways I Use Affirmations In My Life

  1. I love this!

    For me, I wear all of the jewelry that my husband has given me almost every day. The watch that he gave me for our first Christmas in 2010, the diamond pendant from 2012, and my wedding set. I also bought me a FitBit for my birthday in 2014. Unfortunately, one of the earrings he gave me in 2013 recently broke and disappeared, but hopefully I can find a replacement for those soon.

    I gave him a journal that’s similar to yours – I picked a text message from him every day from the day we got engaged to our wedding day and wrote it down, along with memories and affirmations of love. He has it on his desk at home πŸ™‚


    1. I love the journal idea! How awesome to be given such a book of lovely memories. I’ve done something similar with quotes – your hubby must send you beautiful texts πŸ’›πŸ’›


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