Things you need to know about me #3


I love lists

I love a good list I do. Love, look forward to, lust after…

I love writing them, adding to them, crossing items off them and I write them in abundance.

I write to-do lists in my planner, blog ideas on the back of receipts when out and about, reminders in my phone, even notes on the back of my hand!

I write lists for many reasons: gratitude lists at the end of the day, reasons I love you (to hubby), lists of things I noticed, ideas for my art journal and generic to-do lists. Hell, I even enjoy creating lists of lists I could create!

Reasons lists are amazing:

  • You get to use cute stationary
  • It’s easier to prioritise events written down
  • You sleep better knowing your thoughts are contained on paper
  • You don’t have to remember everything if it’s written down
  • I enjoy writing them – pure and simple
  • There’s satisfaction in seeing what you’ve crossed off and achieved
  • You feel more organised and quite grown up


I’ll leave you with a list of ideas of lists you could write. You might learn something about yourself – it’s all good in the journey of self discovery.

  1. Write a list of 5 things you need to experience in order to have a good day (not necessarily material items)
  2. Compile a list declaring your values (the things you would not compromise on)
  3. Write down your favourite days out or experiences (fantasy or real)
  4. Record any compliments you are given (great to read when you’re feeling low)
  5. Create a list of people who you admire or have inspired you (take it one step further and write them a fan letter)
  6. Make a note of any quotes that are special to you (write them in your planner, post them on your mirror or frame them so you see them regularly)
  7. Explore all the positives that make you unique (be your own cheerleader)

Please forgive the obvious indulgence in this post, couldn’t help myself…



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