What To Do When Things Aren’t Going Your Way


You know one of those days when you had it all planned, knew exactly how the day was going to turn out and what you were going to achieve?

Today was not that day.

My plans were hijacked, disrupted and fell apart.ย I tried to reorganise, rearrange and do the best I could.

But it was not to be.

And, did I comically roll my eyes to the sky, allowing the day to unfold and exercise my skills in flexibility?

I did not.

I became flustered, lost my sense of peace and played ‘catch up’ all day. It was horrible. I felt tense as the day became less productive, drained as I dealt with one difficult situation after another and unworthy as I began to question my ability to make the right choices.

On reflection it’s easy to see where the initial problem started.

I hadn’t expected my day to go this way. I felt out of control.

What I should have done was stop for a minute.

Stop rushing.

Stop trying to continue my original day.

Stop trying to be perfect and rememberย I am enough.

Instead of being concerned with how I thought people were observing me and how I thought I should be handling my day, what I needed to do was have a little self belief.

Believe that I knew what to do.

Believe that I had within me the ability to do my job with integrity, making the right decisions as each problem presented.

Believe in myself.

How often do we pause from our hectic lives to applaud ourselves, notice when we handle a situation well or compliment ourselves on a job well done?

The more we look for validation outside of ourselves – the more chance we have of being disappointed. By searching within we will make decisions that we believe in, decisions we can stand by. It takes practise to not look to others for the answers, but the more we do it the more confident we will grow.

Who knows you better than anyone?

You do.

Stop and believe.



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