Things You Need To Know About Me #2


I love words

When I was younger, the visit to the library was the highlight of my week. I would take out the four book allowance (having already devoured two quickies in the corner!) and then put an extra two on my mom’s library card.

Even then I would be hungry a few days later for something new to read.

I was a Martini reader – “…any time, any place, any where…” I even read under the covers with a torch.

I just couldn’t get enough.

Not content with just reading, I also wrote short stories and made them into books – they were about ducks who could talk and creatures from far away lands!

As a young teen I gorged on political thrillers, risqué romance, even the entire works of Sir Conan Doyle! Oh to have had a ‘teen fiction’ genre back then. I would say I missed out – however, having recently read everything in my local library that constitutes a must have for young adults I confess to being fully satiated!

Sadly, as I grew older somehow my idea of writing children’s stories faded. Adult life took over, as it does and my daily diet of literature became stale, infrequent and virtually non existent.

After a particularly bad time in my life I started this journey of self discovery and you guessed it…I started to read again.

I rekindled my love affair with books, ravenously feeding on self help books, graphic novels and anything on the best-sellers list.

Then I remembered my dreams of being a writer.

I wanted to write.

No. I needed to write.

To me, words are inspiring, healing, defining, moving, educating, exciting, relaxing, motivating, connecting.

So I began finding ways to slip words into my daily routine – a bit of journalling here, a handwritten note there. Soon I was hunting for the perfect quote, putting affirmations on the bathroom mirror and having phrases tattooed on my body.

My life was full of words again.

Then I had an idea to start a blog – a reason to write regularly.

I wanted to share my story, share what I had learned , share how I had found my self belief.

The doubts from my teens and early adult life are still there, as I am by no means an expert.

But I write from the heart, sharing my experiences and pain in a bid to help and inspire others.

Each time I hit publish, I wonder if anyone will read my stuff. But it doesn’t stop me because now I write with a purpose and because it makes my soul sing.

Is there something you used to do that you no longer do?

Find a way to add it to your day. It doesn’t have to be momentous but it does have to be something you want to do, something that feels right when you do it.

Something just for you.



3 thoughts on “Things You Need To Know About Me #2

  1. To me, words are inspiring, healing, defining, moving, educating, exciting, relaxing, motivating, connecting.
    This line ❤
    I too think words are the greatest invention of mankind and the world is nothing without them 🙂


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