It’s The Little Things 30.10.16

It’s the little things that have soothed my soul, kickstarted my karma and restored my faith in the ways of the universe this week.

Going to the gym in the day (half term privileges)
When your mom buys you flowersΒ 
This little lady
Pumpkin giggles

How has your week been?

Let me know below…



It’s the Little things 23.10.16

It’s the little things in my week that remind me to be grateful for what I have, even when I am wishing for more.

This cute gift from Kristian
This sunrise made an early start a little easier
These flowers from a friend
Jazz and a coffee with my boys πŸ’›

Have you ever noticed how even the darkest of days can be warmed by a beautiful sight, kind gesture or happy thought?

What little things creep into your day and bring a little smile whilst warming your heart and simply encourage you to pause and notice the moment?

Let me know below πŸ’‹


It’s The Little Things 16.10.16 *The Manchester Edition

This weekend I headed to Salford Quays with the family (minus one) for a couple of days. As always when we get together, there was plenty of laughter and smiles.

Our amazing weekend started here
Continuing the weekend the right way
Selfies with the boy
Autumn is well and truly here
Hotels call for drinks that don’t need a glass…
Love these beautiful people πŸ’›

It’s the little things that make our lives happier, healthier and abundantly more fun!! Start noticing them, celebrate them and repeat them.

Tell me, what’s made you smile this week?


It’s the Little Things 09.10.16 *The ‘Let’s Shake It Up’ Edition


This week I have zero photographs to show you!

Gasp! Horror!

NOT because I haven’t experienced anything that made me smile – however it was limited as I was in bed with an infection for most of the week, but because I thought we were due a little bit of a shake up.

Today the focus is on you; to get you really thinking about what makes you smile.

If you know what brings a little pleasure to your day, then maybe you can go about intentionally tweaking a few things here and there and adding a few well chosen ideas to your daily routines?

Let’s dive in:

πŸ’‹ What’s the first thought you have of the day (before you have even got out of bed)?

Is it how much you have to get done whilst mindlessly checking your social media? Or do you set your intentions, telling your mind exactly how you want to feel today and the positives you are going to focus on? Can you think about what areas today may need a little extra care, laughter or love?

πŸ’‹ What does your morning routine look like?

Is it rushed, grabbing a pastry whilst running out the door? Or do you take the time to sit and savour your favourite food, whilst calmly contemplating the day, read or write your to do list? Is it a fight for the bathroom or do you get up earlier to allow yourself the time you need?

πŸ’‹ Do you dress in such a way that there’s a little bit of you in what you’re wearing?

Do you have a signature look, piece of jewellery, lip colour? Do you wear clothes that fit well and make you feel fabulous all day long? Or do you just throw on the first thing to hand without much thought? Even if you have to wear a uniform, maybe you have an amazing handbag or signature perfume to accessorise!

πŸ’‹ During the day, how often do you go out of your way to intentionally make someone else smile?

Do you look for the good in people? Compliment them on a job well done? Talk kindly behind their backs? Enquire about their well being? Do you believe in ‘what goes around comes around’? What do you want to be known for?

πŸ’‹ Do you put aside some time during the day to do something that recharges or rebalances you?

Do you spend time alone with your thoughts, reflecting on the day? Do you exercise, create, read? Do you show yourself some love, watch something beautiful, listen to something you enjoy? Do you believe it is important or that you are worthy?

In each of these areas, there will be a way you can enhance just one element to make it more pleasurable for you and make you smile.

Even the boring stuff! Honestly!

Take for example cleaning up after dinner – a job I loathe! So to improve something that I regularly do, I decided to add a little shimmer to the experience…

πŸ’› First up – I bought my favourite washing up liquid and cute cleaning brushes.

πŸ’› Then I transformed the area by the sink by putting the utensils and dishwasher tablets in beautiful pots and jars, on a silver tray.

πŸ’› Next, I tell myself that after it’s done, I will reward myself with a cup of my favourite coffee, from my favourite mug whilst I sit for 5 minutes toΒ put on my favourite hand cream and read a few pages from my current book.

Et voila! A few little treats and within no time the job is done. I haven’t done anything unusual, I’d do all of these things anyway – but I’m programming my mind to look for the things that will make me smile. Thus enhancing a boring, mundane task.

Up for the challenge?

Take one area of your day that does not make you smile and see where you can add a little fun, glamour, ease, beauty or enjoyment; shimmerify it!

Let me know below how you get on.