It’s The Little Things 30.10.16

It’s the little things that have soothed my soul, kickstarted my karma and restored my faith in the ways of the universe this week.

Going to the gym in the day (half term privileges)
When your mom buys you flowersΒ 
This little lady
Pumpkin giggles

How has your week been?

Let me know below…



17 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things 30.10.16

  1. Hi Nicky!i have nominated you for the mystery blogger award.Click here to view more 😊


  2. Its always a busy week Nicky, I am up at 5.00 am, get myself ready, get 2 of 4 kids up and to to daycare around 6.30 then drive to work. then finish work at 4pm, pick up 2 kids again and then home for dinner. Homework and playtime then get them to bed . I am about done after they are in bed , but there is always prep to do! The weekend is a little relaxing at least. We carved pumpkins Friday(so American I know!) went on walk with church Saturday morning , and had a Halloween party last night. Went to church this morning and trying to relax today!Then we got trick or treating tomorrow night , It will be late to bed! I love the pumpkins and pretty flowers above and your cute dog! big hugs, Terri. xo


      1. I do have photos and it went great! I had to work REALLY hard to get the inside clean enough for a candle, my knuckles were all red afterwards haha

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  3. I had a good week, overall. I finished my midterm exam, and I think I did fairly well. We graded them in class. Then, the end of the week was not fun. I had a splitting headache when going to bed Thursday night, and I ended up taking a sick day on Friday. I’m glad I took it – I was absolutely miserable. Then, my husband’s parents stayed with us for the first time! We had a delicious dinner with my dad on Friday night, and most of this weekend, I cleaned, cooked, did all the laundry, and I feel prepared for this coming week. My husband goes on a business trip this week for the first time since we got married, so that will be an adjustment. I’m very excited for Halloween tomorrow!


    1. Sounds like you needed to rest! You seem to have had a lot going on. Make the most of hubby being away – I’m thinking bubble baths, chocolate, early nights…oh and don’t forget to totally dominate the remote control while you have the chance!


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