It’s The Little Things 16.10.16 *The Manchester Edition

This weekend I headed to Salford Quays with the family (minus one) for a couple of days. As always when we get together, there was plenty of laughter and smiles.

Our amazing weekend started here
Continuing the weekend the right way
Selfies with the boy
Autumn is well and truly here
Hotels call for drinks that don’t need a glass…
Love these beautiful people 💛

It’s the little things that make our lives happier, healthier and abundantly more fun!! Start noticing them, celebrate them and repeat them.

Tell me, what’s made you smile this week?



12 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things 16.10.16 *The Manchester Edition

  1. Looks like a lovely weekend! I was bursting with pride on Friday when my son came home with a certificate for demonstrating the school value of respect. He’s only been at school for 6 weeks and he was so pleased with it! x


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