It’s the Little things 23.10.16

It’s the little things in my week that remind me to be grateful for what I have, even when I am wishing for more.

This cute gift from Kristian
This sunrise made an early start a little easier
These flowers from a friend
Jazz and a coffee with my boys πŸ’›

Have you ever noticed how even the darkest of days can be warmed by a beautiful sight, kind gesture or happy thought?

What little things creep into your day and bring a little smile whilst warming your heart and simply encourage you to pause and notice the moment?

Let me know below πŸ’‹



9 thoughts on “It’s the Little things 23.10.16

  1. Hi Nicky I love all the photos! The lips are cute, I love the sunrise, the flowers are beautiful and enjoy the jazz. I like to think of a lot of memories, being with friends in the past, from back home who I don’t get to be with as much now. An incident comes into my head where I let out chuckles on some of the fun stuff we did or said. We always like to go to the past but I cling with both hands to the future and raising a Family. Big hugs to you Nicky, Terri xo


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