Stay Strong and Carry On

Ever had a day where you wonder if it’s all worth it or questioned if you are doing enough or even doing it ‘right’?

If so, then this post is for you.

These quotes are my go-to pick me ups that I return to time and time again when I’m feeling inadequate, unworthy or just like I have no more to give.


You can only do what you can and your job is not to do it all. Nor do you need to save the world or everyone in it. Your job is to do what is requested of you. However, we all know that the list is never ending… so this quote is here to remind you that you have a finite amount of time, energy and resources.


It really does. Whatever your role. Whether you provide, create, care, heal, inspire, encourage, teach, support or entertain – you have a purpose and it is needed.


We are so quick to judge ourselves when we don’t know how to do something or if we make a mistake. We have this unrealistic expectation of ourselves that we should act, look and behave perfectly all of the time. Well I’m here to tell you sister to give yourself a break! We should always, always feel driven to improve ourselves and raise our standards. Have high expectations no matter what. But don’t ever put yourself down (or let anyone else for that matter) for doing the best you know how to at this moment in time. Look for the lessons in all that comes your way – there is much to be learned should we put our minds to it.

Stay strong. Keep moving forward. Be fabulous in all that you are. Be authentic and never, ever feel you are not worth it.

You so are.

💋 xoxo


Monday Motivation #1


What’s the point in not being fully present?

Where’s the value in doing a half a job?

Why bother starting if you’re not going to finish?

How difficult are you going to be around if you’re constantly moaning?

Be awesome!

Show up. Do a good job. Be reliable, accountable, responsible. Stand out. Do it your way. Be the one people go to.

None of us like working with inattentive, lazy, dull or careless people.

It brings us down.

So, be awesome!

Be wonderful at what you do, how you speak, how you carry yourself.

Walk with confidence. Speak beautiful words. Smile. Be lovely.

Be awesome!

Even if you’re not quite feeling it yet. Act as if you are.

Have magnificent standards. Take it to the next level. Pay attention to the details. Give that little bit extra.

Be awesome!

Bring the good energy. The little spark. Be your own kind of beautiful.

And do it all with a little more love.

Have an awesome day 💋

A letter for when it all feels too much


For those days when you feel like The Universe is conspiring against you.

You are not alone.

When your day is one long treadmill/hamster wheel/crazy train *delete as necessary.

I feel your struggle.

Where it seems that everyone you meet wants a piece of you, to give you another job, needs some of your precious time.

I understand the pressure.

When your to-do list is infinite, your stress levels are expanding exponentially and time is running out.

I know your discomfort.

When self care is way down on your list of priorities, you are forgetting more than you remember and there’s nothing in the cupboard for tea.

I want to tell you…You got this.

We have to take charge, become the master and sort it out. We are competent human beings – but sometimes we forget to put ourselves first, state our limits and set clear boundaries.

We forget to say no. We don’t question intentions. Set ourselves unrealistic targets.

We think we can do it all.

And we can.

But first you need to ‘regroup’.

Write a list, ask for help, lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes to clear your head. Do whatever it takes to centre yourself and start from there.

Prioritise. Delegate. Be honest. Ask for support. Be realistic about what you can achieve. Breathe. Slow down. Think things through. Steady yourself. Smile. Have a coffee break. Activate a different part of your brain. Switch off. Connect. Breathe some more.

⭐ If we don’t look after ourselves first – how can we possibly support others?

⭐ If we continue to fill every minute of our day with busyness – where will we find time to simply be?

⭐ If we don’t have clear boundaries in place – how will we ever teach people how we wish to be treated?

⭐ If we pretend everything is alright when it’s not – what false truths are we teaching our children?

⭐ If you spend your days on a cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat – where will you find time to truly shine?

I believe you are capable, competent and worthy of living a fabulous life.

Go live it.


Finding your spark again


After nearly a month of not blogging; I. Am. Back!

After the highs of the holidays, January hit me with a bit of a low.

My pesky sinus infection has been lingering like the smell of Christmas Day sprouts, going back to work felt heavy like a bad day at the sales and life just felt a bit like I was on a crazy train with no station in sight!

I tell you this, not for your sympathy nor to get it off my chest – but to let you know it happens.

It happened to me.

And it’s okay.

Sometimes we need to retract from daily life, retreat to the comfort of our safe places and bunker in.

When you feel physically unwell you rest, you stay in bed, you eat what little you can making sure you drink plenty of fluids and change your routine to suit your energy levels.

So why not treat your emotional health in the same way?

Here are 5 tips to help you feel a million times better, when you’re feeling a little blue.

Recharge – I cannot rank this high enough. Go to bed early, play with your kids or pets, meditate, read, colour, stare out of the window, have a dance party in your kitchen, take long baths, go for a walk. Do something for yourself simply for pleasure. How you ‘rest’ and recharge will be different to everyone else. Alter the pace you are moving at, mix it up, have some fun! Your brain needs a break from the worries, never ending lists and million and one things you simply have to do today.

Water – again, top priority. We all know we need to drink more water so I’m not going to bang on about it, however in a nutshell if you want to improve your energy levels, skin, digestion and simply have your body working at it’s absolute optimum level – drink more water!

Notice – start reflecting on what areas of your life affect your mood and how. Start to notice when you feel good about yourself and your day. Who supports you and is great to be around? Who are energy vampires and bring you down? What areas of your home need a little love because they stress you out? What activities seem a chore and which ones bring a little magic into your day? What do you absolutely need in your day and what do you look forward to?

Change – choose one thing right now that you can change to improve your mood. Just one. It might be that you set your alarm 15 minutes earlier so you can drink your first coffee in peace. You might decide to tidy that kitchen drawer that stresses you out every time you venture there. How about buying coordinating stationary to help you feel inspired when taking notes at work? You might decide you need some new cushions for your favourite chair to entice you to sit and read. What if you were to explore changing your style and spend hours creating inspirational boards on Pinterest? Don’t look at the bigger picture as it may feel too overwhelming, this is about making one small change that will bring joy into your day.

Do all this with love – it’s not about being hard on yourself because you’re having a bad day. Nor is it about comparing your life to someone else’s. This is about improving your life, your way. A happy life can be created by a series of small moments that make you smile, no matter what your circumstances.

When I teach children strategies to manage their emotions, I tell to them that there are a million ways to enhance your day – but only you know which ones will work for you.

I hope this list is helpful if you’re feeling a little low, have lost your spark or are in need of a little love.

The thing is you’re not alone – we all feel like this from time to time, but there are things you can do to make yourself feel a little better. We just need to start.

What things improve your mood when you’re not feeling at your best? Let me know below.

Warm hugs and calm thoughts

💋 xoxo

A letter to The Universe for 2017


Dear 2017,

I am ready.

Ready for whatever you decide to throw at me, gift me, allow me to experience.

The good. The bad. The downright ugly.

I am releasing control, going with the flow, allowing life to unfold as The Universe wishes it to.

I am going to take note of the signs, look for the opportunities and trust that my intuition will lead me along the best possible path.

I will stop focusing on the end product and instead enjoy the journey that unfolds before me.

I will choose how I am going to feel and ensure my day is full of experiences that allow me to feel this way.

I will believe I am in control. No victim mentality to be seen here.

I will master my words – both what I say and think to myself deep within and the things that roll off my tongue when I speak to or about others.

I will have some fun along the way, take chances, laugh often – particularly at myself and not take things to heart.

I will see my feelings as a strength, my compassion as a gift and my vibes as a compass pointing out what I need more of.

I will love wholeheartedly, unconditionally and passionately. My family, my friends, my life.

I will protect my boundaries, enhance my authenticity and nourish my soul. All on a daily basis.

I will say no when I need to, stay strong in the face of adversity and never, ever give away my power.

I am ready to live 2017. I am ready to be a badass, a babe and unstoppable.

Are you?