The Worst Parts of My Personality


That’s Marilyn Monroe telling it like it is.

Truthfully. Unedited. Authentic.

She was being honest about her faults, her flaws and her failings.

She was confessing to the world who she really was.

Whether you liked it or not.

What if we took this quote as a model for what we want to say to the world?

What if we showed our weaknesses, celebrated our quirks, embraced the sides of us that are less than perfect and shared the worst parts of our personalities?

And what if we were okay with it?

I wonder what your quote would look like?

Mine goes something like this:

I’m impatient, irritable and a little bit of a perfectionist. I make extra work for myself, I am always chasing the excitement and at times forget to just breathe. But if you can’t accept me as I am, then that says more about you than it does me.

It feels quite cathartic to spew my insecurities on the page and share some of the worst bits about myself with you.

I’m okay with you knowing this about me.

I know I’m not perfect.

I know I’m not alone.

I know this is who I am.

Give it a go! Fill in the blanks to create your very own manifesto of misbehaviours:

I’m……, …… and a little…… I make……, I am……. and at times…… But if you can’t…….. then……..

Own the very worst parts of your personality. They are as important as your finest traits.

They are all you.


7 thoughts on “The Worst Parts of My Personality

  1. I love Marilyn Monroe. I listen to a podcast called “Remarkable Lives, Tragic Deaths” and they profiled her recently. We all have our flaws and imperfections, and when we learn to accept them as they are, we are far better off. Thanks for sharing this lovely post!


  2. I’m loud, overbearing and a little too controlling. I create problems that aren’t even there, have to make sure everything is done before I can relax and and at times forget that what others want for themselves is more important than what I want for them. But if you can’t handle this strong woman with a mind of her own, then you are the one that is missing out!


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