Did I hear you ask for more quotes?

Three delicious nuggets of wisdom to satisfy your cravings.

Day three has arrived.

If you’ve only recently surfaced and are bemused, baffled and unsure what’s going on – check out Day One and Day Two of The Three Day Quote Challenge and you’ll be brought right up to speed.


Everything has a purpose, a reason to be here – including you.


This is my absolute favourite quote. Be true to yourself at all times. You know yourself better than anyone – listen to your heart. What is it telling you?


Enjoy where you’re at. Be happy right now. Time flies and moments don’t last so hold onto the good ones with both hands and enjoy life when you can, where you are.

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I hope these last three posts have inspired you to carry a little positivity in your pocket and sprinkle the good vibes around like confetti,



4 thoughts on “Did I hear you ask for more quotes?

  1. I completely agree with the third quote:) life is meant to be savored and varied:) the second quote I have an opinion on though. Shakespeare may have wrote that quote, but he never said it. It was said by a character he wrote named Polonius, who Shakespeare depicts as a fool. By doing this, Shakespeare in my opinion is saying that you should not be true to yourself. Instead Shakespeare is saying you have to discipline yourself, cultivate yourself, and not follow your own self blindly.


    1. Interesting analogy – I believe this quote is about being true to the person you are right now. As you change due to your experiences, you become a newer, better version so you become ‘true’to that version. The fool wasn’t always a fool and I guess his version of ‘true’ is all he knows at the time. Great comment 🙂

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