It’s the little things 30/05/16

It’s the little things that make me want to grin like the Chesire Cat, bounce like Tigger and put on my best Minnie Mouse shoes.

Check out what’s put a smile on my face this week.

Stretching my creativity bone again, adding quotes to my photographs
My daughter’s tasty creation
A night away in a brand spanking new boutique hotel (more details to follow soon)
Enjoying cocktails in the sun atΒ The High Field
Having a giggle in the Ice cave in Birmingham. Click here if you want to see us rave!!

This week has been a real blast.

Enjoy the bank holiday (fingers and toes crossed for some sun) and have a fabulous week to come, full of little things to make you smile or bounce like a creature from a story book too!

Sunshine and smiles,

Nicky xo


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