3 more quotes to inspire you

If you’re a little late to the party and wondering what this is all about – check out yesterday’s post for a little insight.

Here are three more quotes to inspire and motivate you for Day 2:


Don’t do anything half heartedly. Give it your all, be extraordinary, be fully engaged and present and be known for it.


How is your frame of mind today? What things do you see? Are you being as positive as you can and focusing on all the good stuff around you?


Notice the small things in your life that make a big difference. Your favourite coffee mug…the perfect colour nail polish…your hair went into placed perfectly first time. It can be anything – just start noticing the little things that make your day a little brighter.

Here are three more amazing bloggers I invite to join me in this challenge:

I am my own Island

Teen Girl meets World

Music Teacher Lifestyle

Have a calm, focused day filled with a plethora of little things that will make you want to smile,



8 thoughts on “3 more quotes to inspire you

  1. These are great quotes. I especially like the last one. I’m really learning how to find joy in the little moments. And the joy is usually found in an obscure detail 🙂


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