It’s the little things 17/04/16

It’s the little things from the last 7 days that have inspired me, filled me with energy, humbled me and made me feel down right unstoppable!

Here’s a round up of all the amazingness from my week

Best. Mascara. Ever.
Surprise stay booked for next week (Thanks hubby)


Remembering the good times


100 followers on Instagram – “from little acorns mighty oaks do grow” (American proverb)


My new business cards


I’ve felt humbled and excited this week by my ‘firsts’ – I’m still such a newbie to blogging but boy am I loving it.

Wonder what’s got you excited this week? Let me know.

Hugs xoxo


5 thoughts on “It’s the little things 17/04/16

  1. Hello Nicky !
    You were following my blog, so I’m here to inform you that I’m not active on this blog anymore, I transferred all my articles on my new blog: .
    Have a great day ! And congratulations for your 100 followers on instagram ! Xxx


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