What is beauty?


Define beauty.

The dictionary states it as something “…that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight:”

For me, beauty is more than pleasing, it’s something that takes my breath away. I feel beauty in a way I can’t always put into words. For me it’s overwhelming. It’s a sight so mesmerising that I can’t look away; a piece of music that brings tears to my eyes; an act of love that makes my insides tingle and my heart swell.

Here is a handful of things that I find truly beautiful…

~ genuine smiles ~ vintage crockery ~ spontaneous gift giving ~ laughter ~ wrapped presents, particularly homemade ones ~ a random text enquiringly after my wellbeing ~ a sunset on the beach ~ movie soundtracks ~ handmade chocolates ~ glass chandeliers ~ fields of wild flowers ~ handwritten notes ~ children’s paintings ~ proper hugs ~ the perfect quote ~

So I ask you, what would you put on your list?

If you’re in a place at the moment, where you feel it’s just too difficult to see anything beautiful – hang in there. Challenge yourself daily, to find one thing that you would call beautiful. It could be as simple as the mug you drink your morning coffee from, a bird flying across your garden or the sun shining through your window.

Beauty is as individual as we are.

What is your idea of beautiful? How can you incorporate more of this in your life?

Have a beautiful day , you beautiful creature.




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