Unexpected things that happen when you start working out


There are a couple of things you expect to happen when you make serious lifestyle changes. For example, you want to become fitter, feel healthier and lose weight.

No surprises so far?

A little under a year ago I introduced a healthy eating plan and started working out regularly  and that’s what happened to me – I lost 2 stone , dropped 3 dress sizes and feel pretty good most of the time.


However, along the way a few things happened that I wasn’t prepared for. So, here’s a list of 7 unexpected things that might happen when you start working out…

Sunday afternoons are for food prep

Yep, you can no longer go out on a Sunday afternoon. No, you will instead spend most of the afternoon grilling large batches of chicken breast, steaming vast quantities of broccoli and cooking more rice than your local takeaway, just to see you through the next week. Not to mention the drama of matching food tubs to their lids…

You have to check out the fitness section of every clothes store

I so don’t want to be that girl at the gym (the one who is so coordinated even her trainers match) but I gotta tell you, I’m getting very close!

You start watching videos of people working out

Not only are half the people you now follow on social media fitness models and trainers, but you also watch videos of them working out. You also get envious when they receive large deliveries from sponsors showing you what they’ll be wearing and eating all next month.

You have like, a million water bottles

I had no idea there were so many. Ones with sports lids, sip spouts, metal balls and filters to mix your drinks better or keep fruit in place. There are battery operated mixers, ones that are impossible to knock over and they obviously all come in plenty of colours to match every gym outfit you own…

You crave chicken not cupcakes

Seriously. You substitute one addiction for another. Bye bye cravings for something sweet and hello I need chicken. Like really need it. Now. Cold from the fridge.

You get excited about the smallest ways to spice up your chicken and rice

Who knew there were so many seasonings and peppers and spices to add flavour to the daily grind known as chicken and rice. We had so many restaurant chain hot sauces bought for us as gifts at Christmas. Friends compete to see who has the hottest pepper sauces and trade them like contraband. Anything to make you feel like you’re eating something novel.

You ache. Every. Single. Day.

I expected a little ache – regular exercise after 42 years of sitting on the sofa was bound to have a price. However, I was not prepared for at least one sore muscle group every day.

Getting fit and healthy was still one of the best decisions I ever made – the benefits obviously outweigh the negatives (even the things I didn’t expect to happen) and this post was written in good humour as a shout out to all the like minded people.

You know what I’m talking about.


2 thoughts on “Unexpected things that happen when you start working out

  1. LOL, this is definitely true.

    I can certainly attest to the workout clothes shopping. When you first start exercising, you wear like whatever shitty clothes you have but eventually you upgrade. And, they make the clothes look so cute.

    Anyway congrats on your new lifestyle. You have a lovely writing style, by the way. I look forward to more of your stuff.

    Following you now.

    – Sharon

    Liked by 1 person

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