Monday Motivation #2


I think stars are pretty amazing!

I love looking up at them. I often wonder if someone else in another country is looking up at the very same stars at the very same time. As a child I wondered if they were placed individually, one at a time or sprinkled like glitter randomly. As an adult, I always feel closest to those I have lost looking at them on a clear night. I have always been fascinated.

We are like stars.

And not just because we are amazing, bright like the sun, layered and complicated.

Did you know that stars are in constant conflict with themselves?

Gravity pulls the star inward but the star pushes against this pressure to stop it collapsing in on itself. If it were to give in, the star would become smaller and smaller over time.

Let’s be like stars.

Push against the pressures placed on you. Don’t become a smaller version of yourself for anyone.

Celebrate your magnificence.

Encourage others to shine.

Be the stars you are.

💋 xoxo


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