Monday Motivation #1


What’s the point in not being fully present?

Where’s the value in doing a half a job?

Why bother starting if you’re not going to finish?

How difficult are you going to be around if you’re constantly moaning?

Be awesome!

Show up. Do a good job. Be reliable, accountable, responsible. Stand out. Do it your way. Be the one people go to.

None of us like working with inattentive, lazy, dull or careless people.

It brings us down.

So, be awesome!

Be wonderful at what you do, how you speak, how you carry yourself.

Walk with confidence. Speak beautiful words. Smile. Be lovely.

Be awesome!

Even if you’re not quite feeling it yet. Act as if you are.

Have magnificent standards. Take it to the next level. Pay attention to the details. Give that little bit extra.

Be awesome!

Bring the good energy. The little spark. Be your own kind of beautiful.

And do it all with a little more love.

Have an awesome day 💋

A letter for when it all feels too much


For those days when you feel like The Universe is conspiring against you.

You are not alone.

When your day is one long treadmill/hamster wheel/crazy train *delete as necessary.

I feel your struggle.

Where it seems that everyone you meet wants a piece of you, to give you another job, needs some of your precious time.

I understand the pressure.

When your to-do list is infinite, your stress levels are expanding exponentially and time is running out.

I know your discomfort.

When self care is way down on your list of priorities, you are forgetting more than you remember and there’s nothing in the cupboard for tea.

I want to tell you…You got this.

We have to take charge, become the master and sort it out. We are competent human beings – but sometimes we forget to put ourselves first, state our limits and set clear boundaries.

We forget to say no. We don’t question intentions. Set ourselves unrealistic targets.

We think we can do it all.

And we can.

But first you need to ‘regroup’.

Write a list, ask for help, lock yourself in the bathroom for 5 minutes to clear your head. Do whatever it takes to centre yourself and start from there.

Prioritise. Delegate. Be honest. Ask for support. Be realistic about what you can achieve. Breathe. Slow down. Think things through. Steady yourself. Smile. Have a coffee break. Activate a different part of your brain. Switch off. Connect. Breathe some more.

⭐ If we don’t look after ourselves first – how can we possibly support others?

⭐ If we continue to fill every minute of our day with busyness – where will we find time to simply be?

⭐ If we don’t have clear boundaries in place – how will we ever teach people how we wish to be treated?

⭐ If we pretend everything is alright when it’s not – what false truths are we teaching our children?

⭐ If you spend your days on a cycle of work, eat, sleep, repeat – where will you find time to truly shine?

I believe you are capable, competent and worthy of living a fabulous life.

Go live it.


A letter to The Universe for 2017


Dear 2017,

I am ready.

Ready for whatever you decide to throw at me, gift me, allow me to experience.

The good. The bad. The downright ugly.

I am releasing control, going with the flow, allowing life to unfold as The Universe wishes it to.

I am going to take note of the signs, look for the opportunities and trust that my intuition will lead me along the best possible path.

I will stop focusing on the end product and instead enjoy the journey that unfolds before me.

I will choose how I am going to feel and ensure my day is full of experiences that allow me to feel this way.

I will believe I am in control. No victim mentality to be seen here.

I will master my words – both what I say and think to myself deep within and the things that roll off my tongue when I speak to or about others.

I will have some fun along the way, take chances, laugh often – particularly at myself and not take things to heart.

I will see my feelings as a strength, my compassion as a gift and my vibes as a compass pointing out what I need more of.

I will love wholeheartedly, unconditionally and passionately. My family, my friends, my life.

I will protect my boundaries, enhance my authenticity and nourish my soul. All on a daily basis.

I will say no when I need to, stay strong in the face of adversity and never, ever give away my power.

I am ready to live 2017. I am ready to be a badass, a babe and unstoppable.

Are you?



Why I Don’t Need a Bucket List

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI recently tried to write a bucket list. I was unsuccessful.

I’d just read this short, but thought evoking post from Basically Classy entitled before I die.

And felt inspired to think of all the things I’d like to achieve before I kick the bucket.

But try as I might, I couldn’t do it.

And not for the first time I might add.

The internet is full of Things to do before I’m 30/I die/I settle down*…*delete as necessary! However, I have always found this tough to do for some reason.

I found focusing on all the things I have yet to experience quite heartbreaking. Not that I don’t think we should have dreams and set goals – I absolutely do.

But I think that we live in a world of comparison, where it’s totally acceptable to only post the perfect parts of our lives on social media, where people are not content with what they have and a ‘dog eat dog’ mentality has us all working our asses off.

And at times, some of us can feel a little disheartened, as if we don’t meet the standard, insecure or maybe just a little sad.

Bucket lists are in theory a list of wishes, things you dream of doing before you kick the bucket. People make them so their life will have purpose and is full of once in a lifetime experiences.

However, and this is my issue with them…they’re too big!

And I don’t mean they are long – I mean they are full of tasks and experiences that are grandiose, extravagant and ‘once in a lifetime‘.

We don’t all have the health, time or resources to climb mountains, live abroad for a year or maybe even go skydiving. Some of us have commitments, restrictions and maybe even a lack of desire to go on a pilgrimage, be enlightened or change our lives.

And I’m here to tell you, that’s okay.There’s nothing wrong with that.

Nor is it wrong if you do crave, strive and yearn for excitement and experiences that are wild, wonderful and life affirming.

I believe we all have one thing in common.

The desire to have experiences that are memorable.

Whether they are new or familiar, exciting or comfortable. We all desire to create long lasting memories, feel special, connect with others and enjoy life even if it’s right in our own back yards.

So, instead of writing an enormously extravagant list of specifics – how about you create a list of subheadings that loosely define what you want to experience, feel, see or do?

For example – you want to visit new places, but can’t travel abroad right now for whatever reason. How about you make a list of places nearby or easily accessible with a little planning that you could visit? They might be a little closer to home, smaller and more achievable.

That local restaurant you’ve never gotten round to eating at, a walk in the park on your own, a day at the zoo, breakfast in a cafe or coffee shop you’ve never been in before, jump on a train and ride to the last stop – the possibilities are endless.

Okay, it’s not the same as going to a new country or visiting the seven wonders of the world…but maybe you’ll still get to experience the joy of exploring a new area. Maybe you will be inspired to go out regularly and do new things? Maybe you find a new hobby, new friends or simply get a thrill from stepping out of your comfort zone?

I’m not saying don’t do something that’s grand and once in a life time – but what I’m saying is do it because you want to or the opportunity arises – not because you simply want to cross it off your bucket list! Sometimes the most amazing experiences we have, where everything comes together: company, atmosphere, laughter, love – cannot be planned. They just happen.

Here’s another idea – how would you feel about creating a list of things you have done rather than a list of things you wish you could do.

Maybe creating this list will help you live a life of gratitude, become aware of all you have and encourage you to notice the little things in your every day that make you smile.

So here’s my list. It’s not particularly long nor is it particularly astounding – but honestly, I don’t really want for much.

I would like to experience beautiful places – that includes restaurants, hotels and beautiful spaces in nature.

I would like to stay young at heart, have fun and be spontaneous – laugh a lot, not take life too seriously and live a life where I say yes more often!

I would like to have fabulously  authentic relationships – that includes meaningful conversations, friends that lift me up, people I can look up to and learn from, spend time making memories.

I would like to be excited by life – jump out of bed in the morning, feel inspired to try new things, meet new people and stay open to opportunities that come my way.

I would like to become freer, financially secure and work less – less routine, more me time and space to be creative.

I would like to live a life of gratitude and happiness – surrounded by my family and friends, be thankful for what I have, smile lots.

As long as I stay true to what I desire in my life, I believe I will live an authentic, fulfilling life. This list isn’t exhaustable – but these are the things that are important to me regardless of whether they are costly, simple, once in a lifetime or everyday.

I don’t need a bucket list – my dreams and goals are ever changeable. They are presented in opportunities that come my way, the people I meet and the little things I do regularly.

Let me know below, how do you feel about bucket lists?

An honest evaluation of my blogging journey so far…


The New Year seems like a good time to evaluate and reflect on my blogging journey (more like expedition!) over the last 12 months.

Blogging has been a blast! Since publishing my first post back in February I have gained over 700 followers, published 200 posts and connected with so many of you from all corners of the world.

The Highs…

Starting out I had no idea which direction I would go. I had a sassy web address, a desire to write, a passion to be authentic and an insatiable appetite to help others see how fabulous they truly are too. It was exciting and scary and fun and overwhelming all at the same time and I was a total virgin at all of it!


I started #itsthelittlethings as a way to document the little things that made me smile throughout the week and now it’s become a bit of a catchphrase for when something goods happens around here!

I’ve written some articles that have made my soul sing and they seemed to have deeply resonated with you guys too – Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful was such a pleasure to write and a message I try to live by.


I’ve talked honestly about myself in the Things You Need to Know About Me series and shared my experiences about how the death of my younger brother completely changed my life and was the motivation to start writing.

In my monthly round up (Monthly Musings) I regularly share new blogs I have stumbled across that I feel are worthy of a look – this has been so successful and something that I enjoy doing so much. Connecting with others is a great bonus that I didn’t expect when I started blogging. I even became pen pals with one of you lovely readers.

The lows…

The last few weeks I have definitely felt a little ‘off my A game’ blogging wise. But hey, it happens to us all I’m sure. The pressure of juggling a full time job (and life) alongside a blog is hard. And whilst it is a great hobby, unfortunately it is the thing that suffers when time isn’t available.

Also as a result of not being around so much lately I have noticed a drop in my monthly stats – despite never being hung up on the numbers previously, it’s hard not to feel like a bit of a failure when they dip.


Sometimes you have an abundance of ideas. You find inspiration for posts on every corner it seems. Then some days you stare at that blank white screen and…nothing. Just nothing. Even when you do write something, some days you hit that delete button so many times and question the validity and worth of what you have written that you don’t publish it anyway! My post on Why Do I Write When It’s All Be Written Before came from such a moment of unworthiness and thoughts of ‘who am I to even think I can do this’.

Also it seems there’s an unwritten rule, expectation if you like to define your niche and put yourself into a category; lifestyle, food etc. Can I not just be someone who writes to inspire people to find their smile, find what makes their soul sing and help them become the best version of themselves with the occasional lifestyle type post thrown in every now and then?

Final thoughts…

One thing I have learnt about blogging is that there are no hard and fast rules. My blog, my rules. Blogging to me, is about writing and creating content you are passionate about.

It’s about finding your voice, your slant, your style and running with it.


It’s about sharing your experiences and thoughts and asking others what they think.

It’s about connecting and sharing and reading and creating and not taking it all too seriously!

Can I get a hell yeah?

So keep creating and writing. Stay passionate and authentic. Be true to yourself, be amazing and continue to share the love.


Merry Christmas you gorgeous people – see you in the new year!

Nicky 💋