How do you measure success?



Perception is everything.

How you see yourself and your successes can elevate you or bring you down.

You may feel success means you have to have many things…big house, new car, money in the bank?

However, I believe that success is a unique quality that can only be defined by you, for you based on what is important to you – not what others tell you it should be.

⭐ Love to travel? It could be you see success as earning enough money to visit a new city or country twice a year.

⭐ Striving for happiness? Success could be working at the job of your dreams – whatever the pay!

⭐ Are relationships the thing that keep you going? I wonder if success is hanging out with friends once a week, meeting new people or going to new places?

⭐ Is rest and relaxation important? Success could be ending a busy day in the place you call home with warm food and a few good books.

You get the idea…

Measure your life against your definition to see how successful you truly are…not by comparing it to someone else’s.


Notice your achievements, the things you excel at. The tasks you do really well. The little things that bring you joy.

If you change your perception – there will be many.

That is success.

💋 xoxo

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