It’s the Little Things *pre Christmas edition 24.12.16

Well it’s the last minute hustle and bustle, crazy town, final countdown…I feel a song coming on!

Here’s a snapshot of the last 2 weeks (sorry – just couldn’t fit it in last week!) of the little things that have brought joy to my heart and put a smile on my face. Enjoy!

Doggy Christmas jumpers
Wintery sunsets


Saluting the start of the Christmas holidays
It’s a wrap!
Christmassy haircuts – complete with bow that lasted approximately 2 minutes!
Christmas jumper competitions – and yes he did win!

There was lots of fun to be had in the run up to Christmas – my top tips to beat the stress: plan, budget, keep it simple…oh and wine. Lots of wine.

What Christmas delights have made you smile recently? Let me know below!



8 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things *pre Christmas edition 24.12.16

  1. Beautiful photos! Something that made me smile is the Christmas cards I ordered about 3 weeks ago FINALLY came two days ago. I thought they got lost in the mail but I have them now (just waiting on my brother’s present to ship. It’s coming in the mail today.)


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