Evaluating the old before you start planning for the new


Do you dread the New Year or do you await it’s arrival with much anticipation?

Many of us look forward to the New Year, make plans, set goals and hope the next 12 months are as good, if not better than the last ones.

Whilst this is all good and well (I’m not a fan of New Years resolutions – but do set intentions) sometimes we are so impatient to move on we forget how important it is to spend a moment reflecting on the last year.

Without a good ending you cannot be ready for the new start.

Without reflection you cannot be sure on what worked well or what you would like to leave behind.

Without reminiscing about the past you cannot be sure of the things you wish to repeat or have remain in your life in the future.

Spend just a few moments thinking about the last 12 months and give your mind, emotions and soul chance to spring clean the mental cobwebs of 2016 away.

I like to journal about my year very, very simply.

What am I letting go of?

This year, it’s the unhealthy thoughts I have about myself, the choices I made that I replay over and over in my mind, the overthinking and trying to second guess everything, the beliefs that I have adopted that aren’t true for me any longer, the skeletons that are in the closet of the person I used to be.

What did I learn?

Recently I learned not to judge people by my standards, actually not to judge people at all, sometimes the right decisions are the hardest, it’s not someone else’s job to make you happy, it’s not my job to rescue everyone, you will be strong when you need to, you should take the time to celebrate something every single day.

What do I need to do more of?

I need more quiet time, to slow down, to simplify my life, to embrace being me, to continue to learn, to spend time connecting with others, to smile, to be happy and to let things go, to be fully present in the moment and to trust it will all work out for the best.

There you have it. It’s not rocket science. But I believe it’s important to make the decision to let stuff go, to throw out the bad vibes and inhale the magic and promises that will serve you well should you put your mind to it.

This year should be amazing for you!

Choose to make it the best year yet – set yourself the challenge to look forward to the new with anticipation.

Choose to leave the old behind!


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