Your Christmas tree – it’s as individual as you!


Talk to a room of people about their Christmas tree and you will get a variety of different traditions, preferences and experiences.

No two trees will look the same – from the actual tree you choose to how you adoringly adorn it. For some, decorating it is a time honoured tradition – for others it changes each year.

I can remember the excitement of putting the tree up with my siblings as a little girl and have passed that excitement onto my own children. It’s still a big deal even thought they are no longer little!

There are so many different types of Christmas trees available now – how do you choose what kind to go for?

Are you a traditional kinda guy – green spruce (real or artificial) with snow covered branches and some pine cones?

Do you prefer the rustic, reclaimed type – reloved materials and extremely eco friendly?


How about something that resembles a piece of art – clean lines and fabulously interesting?


Or do you go for a different approach – unique shape, material or simply designer?


How about small and barely there – a slight nod to the season, but very subtly done?


The next question has to be: what kind of decorations do you go for?

Traditional – think The Nutcracker, wooden toys, Santa and his elves?


Or classy white and glass – opulence at it’s best?



How about a modern, contemporary look – I’m seeing bright colours and vivid patterns?


We have a couple of Christmas trees in our house, they’re both traditional trees but are decorated differently. One has ornaments from places we’ve visited and some that have been bought as special gifts – it’s a tree of memories. The other’s colour scheme changes regularly as I get bored easily and like to come up with new ideas each year!

Let’s share our experiences…

How would you describe your tree? Do you have any traditions, special memories or stories to tell?

Let me know below or tag me on Instagram (@shimmerwithin) – I’d love to have a look!


All trees and decorations from a selection at Liv’s. All photographs taken by myself. 


14 thoughts on “Your Christmas tree – it’s as individual as you!

  1. We used to always decorate the tree with ornaments we’ve had forever. Many said my son’s name on them or where attached to his childhood in some way. A couple of years ago he mentioned how he would like a tree that was all colored ornaments instead of the ones he grew up with. So as a surprise I went out a couple of boxes of purple, red, blue gold, and so on balls and then added some of those plastic icicles. I even got a different topper and ya know what? I loved it. 😉 Now we use a mixture of the two. We have a pretty small fake tree but it’s perfect for us.
    Great post Nicky


  2. Just last year, my dad got a real Christmas tree for the first time since I was born. Never been so thrilled over a tree in my life. That’s my story!


  3. We’ve had many different trees over the years. Growing up it was always s real one, these days it’s an artificial one with lots of hand made decorations that the kids have made over the years coupled with the more traditional bells and balls. Enjoy your December Nicky.


  4. Our Christmas tree was my late grandmother’s tree. She was a classy lady who went through so much until the very end. She died after complications with Alzheimer’s and I had the great blessing of caring for her the last couple of years of her life. I am happy that her tree is now my family tree. 🙂


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