The Feeling of Christmas


Christmas is the season of cheesy songs, corny cracker jokes and movie one liners!

But it’s also a time of great celebration, fun and frivolity and good wine!!

Here’s a few quotes to sum up the season.




Last but not least, how about this classic from Home Alone!


What’s your favourite seasonal saying?


Your Christmas tree – it’s as individual as you!


Talk to a room of people about their Christmas tree and you will get a variety of different traditions, preferences and experiences.

No two trees will look the same – from the actual tree you choose to how you adoringly adorn it. For some, decorating it is a time honoured tradition – for others it changes each year.

I can remember the excitement of putting the tree up with my siblings as a little girl and have passed that excitement onto my own children. It’s still a big deal even thought they are no longer little!

There are so many different types of Christmas trees available now – how do you choose what kind to go for?

Are you a traditional kinda guy – green spruce (real or artificial) with snow covered branches and some pine cones?

Do you prefer the rustic, reclaimed type – reloved materials and extremely eco friendly?


How about something that resembles a piece of art – clean lines and fabulously interesting?


Or do you go for a different approach – unique shape, material or simply designer?


How about small and barely there – a slight nod to the season, but very subtly done?


The next question has to be: what kind of decorations do you go for?

Traditional – think The Nutcracker, wooden toys, Santa and his elves?


Or classy white and glass – opulence at it’s best?



How about a modern, contemporary look – I’m seeing bright colours and vivid patterns?


We have a couple of Christmas trees in our house, they’re both traditional trees but are decorated differently. One has ornaments from places we’ve visited and some that have been bought as special gifts – it’s a tree of memories. The other’s colour scheme changes regularly as I get bored easily and like to come up with new ideas each year!

Let’s share our experiences…

How would you describe your tree? Do you have any traditions, special memories or stories to tell?

Let me know below or tag me on Instagram (@shimmerwithin) – I’d love to have a look!


All trees and decorations from a selection at Liv’s. All photographs taken by myself.Β 

It’s the Little Things *Christmas Alphabet


Christmas means different things to different people.

It’s easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing or feeling that you need to keep up with the Jones’s.

How about this year you focus on what’s important to you. You make time for the things that make you smile. You fill your days with little things that enhance your days.

Here’s my little list of Christmassy things that can make a big difference to the holiday season!

Chocolate – gotta be done! I have memories of eating a whole chocolate orange to myself before breakfast as a little girl!

Happy thoughts – rather than getting caught up in the fast line of excess, why not take a moment of gratitude? Be thankful for the everyday, simple things like warmth, shelter and food. Not everyone will experience that this year. Enjoy the silly jokes, the children’s excitement, spending time with family – who knows what the next 12 months will bring.

Rest and relaxation – when the last cracker has been pulled, the last pig wrapped in a blanket and the kids are off happily devouring another selection box, take time to just sit and be still. Your body needs some recouperation time and you need a moment of peace and quiet!

Ice cold – as in the weather which allows us to wrap up warm. To me this means fluffy jumpers and warm socks. Or maybe it’s as in ice cubes in a cold winters drink?!

Stockings – give me a bunch of little gifts over one large present any day! Fun filled, carefully thought out little bundles of joy. And they look so festive hanging there – don’t you think?

Traditions – we have the ones we’ve always done (new pyjamas on Christmas eve) and ones we’ve recently created (creating a new hot chocolate). Whatever your family dynamics, Christmas needs traditions that you do, your way.

Memories – sharing time with our friends and family is always special at this time of the year. It can be hard though, when we remember those who are no longer here. Treasure those memories like the precious gifts they are – they’re always here in spirit. Be spontaneous, have fun, go with the flow and don’t forget to laugh!Β In the words of Kelly Finch from the movie Deck the Halls,

“That’s what Christmas memories are made from, they’re not planned, they’re not scheduled, nobody puts them in their Blackberry, they just happen.”

Advent calendars – the variety and fun of having a gift to open each day never gets old! Whether you go for the traditional chocolate ones, little gifts each day or simply cross off the days in your planner – one thing’s for sure…Christmas Eve is just around the corner!

Snow – maybe…maybe not! I live in the UK so snow is a bit hit and miss. In London we’ve only had 10 white Christmas’s since 1900!

If you had to come up with a list of things that make you smile around the Christmas season, what would be on your list?