Feeling Thankful


Regardless of whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, we all have room in our lives for a little gratitude.

Saying thanks for what you have helps you hunt for the positives, focus your mind on the present moment, aids contentment.

Start small and see how quickly you can change your frame of mind. Think of 3 things you are grateful for or glad you experienced today before you fall asleep.

Give a whispered thankyou for the potential of a brand new day right before you get up in the morning.

The more you look for, the more you will find.

Here’s my list of 10 things I am grateful for today…

⭐️ Warm doggy noses in my ear

⭐️ A hubby who makes me a cup of tea when I come home after a long day

⭐️ Facebook videos and jokes that make me laugh

⭐️ Kids that ask “How was your day?”

⭐️ My happy household

⭐️ Loved ones

⭐️ My journey so far

⭐️ My love of books

⭐️ The little things that make me smile

⭐️ The weekend lie-ins

Moaning is easy. Whining is an everyday affair. Negativity permeates every corner of our day.

True strength lies in believing in better; compassion over conflict; sprinkling positivity over all you come into contact with and smiling from the depths of your soul.

Be grateful for this precious moment.

What’s got you feeling all thankful this weekend? Let me know below.



9 thoughts on “Feeling Thankful

  1. I feel that negativity is just a waste. If you can choose how you think, you may as well be positive. Complaining about work, stressing about life, gossiping about other people only reinforces the negativity and makes you more miserable. You gain NOTHING from it. But staying positive…now there’s something that’ll help you along.


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