Who am I?


I am…

…sometimes grumpy, sad, insecure, afraid.

…sometimes excitable, caring, fun, happy.

…sometimes full of life, looking forward, seeing the opportunities in each day.

…sometimes weary, lethargic, frustrated, can’t be bothered.

…sometimes loved up, wanting to spend time with hubby, pretending we’re grown ups.

…sometimes afraid, want to hide away from the world, not deal with anything.

…sometimes mom, guiding, supporting, education my beautiful children.

…sometimes lonely, overworked, feel a failure.

…sometimes enjoy good company, smiling, laughing, making memories, having fun.

…sometimes I need to be alone, quiet, reflective, in my own space.

…sometimes I get dressed up to the nines, sometimes I lounge around in my pj’s.

This is me.

Who are you?


4 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. i am who i choose to be, and i can’t be that everyday, I’m human, i come up with different face to life. but i am exactly, who i portray myself to be.


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