Why You Should Say Thank You to Children


Anyone who works with children will understand the roller coaster ride of emotions you experience over the course of a school year.

Whilst I love my job, working with children can make you feel tired, sad, worried, stressed, daunted, unfunny,Β a failure, out of touch, old, emotional and rubbish at your job.

Sad but true.

However, you learn so much when you work with children. You get to see things from their many perspectives – straightforward and complicated, innocent and streetwise, selfish and caring.

I’ve learned over the years to take children just as they are.

By adopting this approach you allow yourself to see the world through their eyes. Not to judge them, but to understand why they may behave a certain way, gain insight into their experiences of life so far and to appreciate the little things they do in all their simplicity.

Here are a few examples of the wonderful moments I’ve noticed when with children:

Excitement – is what you experience when say you will get the Lego out during wet play

Generosity – is being given ten drawings by the same child

Happiness – the face that literally lights up when you thank them for something they did

Motivation – children working together to tidy up quickly so we have time for a game

Creativity – 30 children, a whole afternoon, plain old white paper and a box of crayons…

Compassion – half the class offering to take the child who has fallen over to first aid

Appreciation – the handmade card at the end of the year

Humour – because kids are funny. Period

Wisdom – need to know anything about Minecraft? Ask a child.

Courage – for some, just showing up every day

Friendship – navigating the trials and tribulations of the school playground

Confidence – anyone can blossom with a little support

It is a privilege to work with children and young people. Hard, but a privilege none the less.

So I want to say thank you to all the amazing children out there.

I never miss an opportunity to say it, and I want you to say it too.

Children are fabulous educators and the positives far out way the negatives.

Thank them for all they are teaching you.

Share your stories of what lessons children have taught you below. I can’t wait to read them.



13 thoughts on “Why You Should Say Thank You to Children

  1. this is so wonderful. ❀ My son has taught me many lessons over 20 years. Far too many to list, but one right off the top of my head…he taught me to enjoy a moment in the moment. How to just relax…leave the dishes in the sink…and let go. ❀


  2. So sweet. Children pull at my heart strings (some more than others). I don’t work with children directly, but many children are a part of my life, and my friends just keep having babies!! I’m Auntie to so many of them and I love them dearly!

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