March challenge: selfies

In a bid to step outside of my comfort zone, this months challenge was to see if I could (read would) photograph myself every day for a week and post the pictures on Instagram.

Now, I’m not camera shy however I’m not particularly au fait with selfies!

Selfie day1       selfie day2       selfie day4

After my first day I thought about throwing in the towel. It was harder than I thought it would be and I realised a few things about myself.

I’m uncomfortable with being the centre of attention – I didn’t like being the only object in the picture (although, see if you can spot the photo of my brother sneaking in there!)

I’m a little vain – I only took one picture of myself with no make up and I had to force myself to post it!

 selfie day 4a     selfie day7     selfie day6

Taking selfies is harder than it looks – Some days I took many, many photos before I was happy – who knew natural light was so important!

I’m uncomfortable letting the world in – showing parts of my home left me feeling vulnerable.

I experience a plethora of emotions each morning – I really do!

Completing a project is great for your self esteem – I was really chuffed with myself for finishing it.

A challenge is only scary the first time you do it – I actually feel okay about selfies now.

selfie ig

Some of the photographs are blurry, off centre slightly, and the lighting is a bit hit and miss. But they’re all me. Real and in the flesh. Authentic, unaltered and original. This experience was good for me. It challenged me, taught me and helped me.

What will take you outside your comfort zone? 

You may be surprised at what you learn – about your fears, your limits, about yourself.

Go for it!

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