Do you have anything nice to say?


 “If you don’t have anything nice to say…don’t say anything at all”

I overheard someone berating a child on how to speak to others recently.

It is quite true actually. We shouldn’t speak unless it’s kind, ‘all things with love’ and all that.

But lately, I’m wondering about this.

I wonder what percentage of our thoughts and words about ourselves are positive?

I wonder how often we gravitate towards the ‘this will never happen’ thought rather than the ‘why would it not’?

I wonder how often we reprimand ourselves for something we didn’t do well instead of praising ourselves for a job well done?

I wonder how often we compare ourselves to someone prettier, cleverer, taller, slimmer rather than celebrating our uniqueness?

I wonder how much of our time is spent wishful thinking instead of practising gratitude for what we have?

I wonder when people pay us compliments, how often do we brush them off instead of a simple smile and ‘thank you’?

A clever lady once said, “You become your thoughts”.

If this is true – what are you becoming?

Start to notice your thoughts and whether they are mostly positive or negative.

Catch yourself speaking negatively about yourself (out loud or in your mind) and tell yourself ‘STOP’ then re-frame it into something positive.

You don’t have to think every thought that pops into your head.



3 thoughts on “Do you have anything nice to say?

  1. This is truly a beautiful post. Thank you for referring me to it. I also like that the positive spins are pink in color – sort of gives a level of pride in the feminine, doesn’t it?🌸


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