Monday Motivation #4


It’s the moment we all dread…the alarm making it’s presence known on a Monday morning!

Instead of dread, what if you were filled with the desire to get the most out of your working week? What if you made the most of every moment without leaving your energy levels depleted? What if you were simply happier?

Get up earlier – even 20 minutes will help your day get off to a more relaxed start. Eat your breakfast slowly, read a few pages of your book, tidy up or text someone a well thought out inspirational message.

Organise yourself – both the night before and first thing in the morning. Plan your outfit, your food, your goals and intentions for a more focused and productive day.

Find the fun – look for things that make you smile and laugh. Then find ways to include them in every day.

Outside – fresh air energises your mind, body and soul. A change of scenery can recharge your senses making you feel calm and clear headed.

Reflect – you are amazing! Notice what you do well, embrace your authenticity, practise gratitude and remember to celebrate all you achieved today.

Inside – nourish your body with water and a healthy lunch. Sit down, take a break and eat mindfully.

Trust your intuition – you got this. You know what you need to do, where improvements can be made, or where you need to say no.


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