Goal setting for 2017


This is NOT a New Years resolution post!

I’ve written before about my hate/hate relationship with New Years resolutions here. In a nutshell I think we put far too much pressure on ourselves to achieve things that are unachievable, unproductive and for all the wrong reasons in a limited time frame.

Having said that – I do set intentions or make plans to have the best year yet. Around the beginning of December I start to ‘notice’ words or phrases that resonate or sit deep in my soul. I start mentally (and sometimes in my journal) exploring what I want from the new year. I ask myself questions such as…

What do I want to do more of this year and how can I achieve this? What will I have to include in my routine to ensure I stay happy? Which people lift me up and add value to my life?

I think about what brings me joy and helps me feel fulfilled. I think about what I enjoy doing, the things that light me up and make me smile.

Then I work out how to incorporate these feelings into my day and what experiences I need to have and do to help me feel this way.

When you’re planning to make this the greatest year yet be realistic, pick things that are easily do-able and regularly achievable. It’s not about the big win win, but a steady series of small events you can do regularly with enthusiasm and smiles!

⭐️ Find your excitement and visualise your best year yet. Reward yourself along the way, visualise yourself already doing that thing and celebrate every small achievement.

⭐️ Find your mantra, intentions or goals and follow your heart, making your soul sing along the way.

⭐️ Find the little things that amplify your wellbeing, the things you need in your life every day that make you come alive.

Do all of the above in 2017 and have a happy year – all of it!

What goals are you planning to explore and how will you ensure you stay on track?


8 thoughts on “Goal setting for 2017

  1. I am using a journal basket…with my date diary, journal, art journal and to do/achievement journal and pencil case inside. Having all my journals in one place means I can take them around the house and work in them. My to do list/achievement journal is really wonderful as I set small goals with realistic dates. Then I write in what I have achieved. It’s working so far 🙂 happy new year!


    1. What a fabulous idea – I love it. I have different journals too…gratitude, brain dump, art journal, blog ideas etc I love the idea of having them all in one place 🙂


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