A letter for when you are struggling…


Dear You,

I know you’re having one of those days.

The one where you seem to be feeling your way through the fog, stumbling in the darknesss, going through the motions.

You feel like crawling back under the safety of the duvet, hibernating like a bear or wrapping yourself, cocoon-like away from the world.

Talking is an effort. Making a decision is complicated and positivity flew out of the window like a butterfly on a breeze a while back.

I know you can’t pull yourself out of the funk. You’re unsure how or why you got here – you just know here is where you are and you’re pretty sure you’ll be staying a while.

I’m here to tell you, it’s okay.

Okay to feel like this – it will pass.

Okay to need to retreat – that’s where the healing happens.

Okay to be quiet – that’s when you will hear what your body wants to say.

Okay to feel that no one understands – they probably don’t.

Just remember that your thoughts don’t have to dominate you. And it’s okay to ask for help, a hug, a night off. You have permission to take some time to figure out the next right step. Just be kind to yourself in the process.

You are you.

All of you. The good, the bad and the ugly. The beautiful, unique and struggling. The strong, the loving and the tired.

Struggles come and struggles go. They hang around longer than we wish and always seem to appear like an unwelcome guest when we have the least time or energy.

But they don’t have to define you, nor does it make you a bad person. But they are a part of life – like it or not.

I wish I was there to hold you, walk with you, listen to what you have to say.

But I’m not.

However, I know you got this.

You have been here before and survived.

You know what you need to soothe your soul, to make you feel a little better. Just a little better.

Do it. Go on, right now.

Do that thing that makes you smile. Makes you feel a warm glow inside. Makes you understand you can get through this.

Do something that will help you get through today. Just today, for now.

You can do it. I believe in you.

From one who knows,

Nicky xo



22 thoughts on “A letter for when you are struggling…

  1. When I’m about to have an anxiety or panic attack I come to this as it is the only sure way I can calm down. I’ve read it so many times I’m surprised I can’t recite it, people like you are the reason people like me feel comfortable to be open and expressive about my mental health issues. You’ll never know how much this little gem means to me. Thank you:) x

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